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Game Crunch: Xenoblade Chronicles contains all the elements any good game of its genre has but that doesn’t mean it’s any ordinary RPG, it’s much more than just your above average Role Playing Game and in fact, shines strongly on a console which is about to reach the end of its life cycle. This game contains an epic story line, amazing sound tracks, good vocals and a decent battle system. This game lives up to the hype thats been made by fans all over the world. Definitely a Wii game you might want to consider picking up (if you have a European console that is…)

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Spenok3095d ago

Man, i dont believe i have seen a review for this game be under a 9. I REALLY hope Nintendo will eat their own words and bring this to the US. This game is begging to be released. ><

joab7773095d ago

I have skyrim, ff13-2 and kingdoms of amalur coming but id love to break out my ski for this one. I am a little confused though. They must not nav been very confident in this product to do limited release. Its true that jrpgs don't sell great in the US but its because they are generally average or cookie cutter games. We are dying for a great rpg here. Unfortunatle by the time it is released the competition will b fierce. Ivwoulda played it now as I just finished lost odyssey.

Spenok3095d ago

Look at FFXIII dude, that sold 2.5 million units in the Americas alone. Not to mention you yourself say your looking forward to its sequal. And that was apparently a "Bad" rpg. Of course there are always other examples, such as Pokemon, Dragon Quest, the Tales series depending on which one in the series you are looking at... (Vesperia and Symphonia come to mind) etc etc....

And Xenoblade is the type of RPG that does well over here in the states this gen. More of an action oriented gameplay style.

More or less i just hope that these good reviews make people buy it in EU and nintendo finally brings it over.

tiffac0083095d ago

The fans are begging for it to be released in NA. ;_;

Come on Ninty don't let me freaking import this!

8bit_Nes_Rambo3095d ago

Oh look, another stunning Xenoblade review. For shame NOA for not bringing this stateside.

Apocwhen3095d ago

The game is sold out locally everywhere.
I think there was limited stock available on release and it's so hard to find a copy for sale right now.

rezzah3095d ago

Looks like Monster Hunter =/

Spenok3095d ago

Even if it did... how at all would that be a bad thing?

rezzah3094d ago

if it was a copy version then it'd end up like That Namco version called God Burst or something.

Spenok3094d ago

Ah yes, God Eater Burst. That was on PSP. Also, if you look at combat vids for this game its much slower paced then MH. Seems to be a cross between a Monster Hunter combat system and a more traditional RPG one. Maybe a bit of influence, but not a copy and paste.

TheFirstClassic3090d ago

This is a reason to blow the dust off my wii. This game looks phenomenal. Why won't they release it here? I wouldn't mind them just letting us have the British version, no changes needed.