Game Reviews Cannot Be Trusted (

For years, reviews have helped customers purchase games. Back in the day, before the internet, there were two mainstream review magazines, Gamepro and EGM. These two magazines were the source for everything. Then the late 90s came and as game companies realized that customers were going to these two magazines for reviews and sources, they would begin to pay off these companies so they would give their games good reviews to help sales.

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ironwolf3095d ago

What can't be trusted is a "journalist" that makes this many grammatical errors and a "publisher" that lets them go through unedited.

MrDead3095d ago

A controversial review score brings far more hits and attention then a honest boring one especially on exclusive titles

Venox20083095d ago

some people are making me laugh, when I see that all reviews are good and at least one is bad it detracts some people and they say "too bad, won't buy it" :) I can say to those people - use your own head that you have on shoulders.. if some people don't like the game it doesn't mean that you won't..

CoryHG3094d ago

The biggest thing with Reviews is investing money in something that could potentially be horrible. So you look at those reviews. Some do it for flaming though.