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Nintendojo: The subject of much joy and anguish over both sides of the Atlantic, Xenoblade Chronicles is, without a doubt, a game that every Wii owner should be able to play. Set against a beautiful backdrop of nearly overwhelming proportions, it tells a thoughtful and cleverly executed story of resistance and rebellion, possessing one of the most refreshing battle systems available on the console and shedding many of the less favourable traits that have come to be associated with JRPGs over the years. With a likeable and well-developed cast of characters, Xenoblade is here to show other JRPGs how it’s done.

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Ulf3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

NoA... you suck for not bringing this.

Seriously, what's the problem with bringing a great RPG to the US, if it's already localized to (UK) English? It's not like Americans can't understand a UK speaker, or can't understand what a "colour" is. Print a mere 100-200K copies, if you're worried about not selling many -- you'll probably sell most all of them on day 1, and make a few million more $$ than you would have made otherwise.

If the demand is higher, print more. Make it available only at a particular retailer, if you must. We don't care -- WE WANT XENOBLADE. You OWE it to us, for making the Wii region-specific, and thus disallowing import titles on domestic consoles.

NukaCola3094d ago

Y U NO LOCALIZE!!!!!!!??????????????

Kamikaze1353094d ago

It won't sell well in the US. It didn't sell as well as expected in the UK. Unless it's an RPG from a popular series or something that's been advertised like crazy (which Nintendo seems to only do for highly popular franchises), it won't sell.

Just import it. There are legal ways to get it working on your Wii.

LiamIRL823094d ago

it's completely sold out in store and online, I should know i'm trying to find a copy!!

limewax3094d ago

Yeah actually Xenoblade is doing fantastic in the UK, if anything it might finally even have a chance at knocking Zumba off the top spot.

Trust me you guys will be getting this game, it is doing very well over here, There was even a report on N4G a few days back stating it was flying off the shelves

TheFirstClassic3089d ago

How would it hurt Nintendo to make the european version available in the u.s? Can't cost them to much to just send some copies over here.

Michael-Jackson3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )


Apparently it only sold 30k in it's first week in Europe, Only time will tell how many more it can really do in the next week or 2 considering I've seen many online shops have sold out. 30k is not good at all so I can understand why Nintendo is being tight about this.

Didn't they print Xenoblade in Europe because JRPG in general sells more over there than US? so in US it could sell less? 30k isn't helping the situation.

Ulf3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

Even if the game sells 100K lifetime, NoA could make a profit from printing a low number (100K), since the dev cost is nil (the localization is done!), and only the cost-of-goods is really an issue (and getting a retailer to buy... but one would for certain).

They could easily do a small run of discs that are simply identical to the EU discs, with different region encoding, and if the run is approx the same number as total (say month 1) EU sales times 2, then they're basically guaranteed to make a profit in the millions.

$20 profit per game for NoA, times 100K games, is $2M. Sure, that's not huge money, compared to some titles, but its *guaranteed money*, which is nothing to scoff at. NoA would have to be mighty full of themselves to throw away a couple million guaranteed profit $$, IMO.

Keeping the hardcore Nintendo fans -- the people who *would* run out and buy Xenoblade right away, happy, is worth FAR more than simple profit, as well. Buy another few years of guaranteed internet fanboyism, by being paid $2M (or $6M if they bring the other two in Operation Rainfall, as well)? They'd be smart to do it.

They're jerks for not doing it, IMO. It's a no-lose situation, even if its not the biggest battle ever seen on the financial battlefield, and it has far-reaching fan effects. Who are they trying to reconnect with, after all, with the Wii U?

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blumatt3094d ago

I would buy this game in a heartbeat if they released it on PS3. It looks like the game that Final Fantasy 13 should have been. I'm hoping Versus 13 redeems Squeenix's reputation.

Arknight3094d ago

I would most definitely purchase this game if it came out in NA.

Would give me a reason to turn my Wii back on after 3 years.

RoyaleWC3093d ago

This is the first Wii game I've bought for years other than new Super Mario Bros, and it hasn't disappointed, fantastic game.

TheFirstClassic3089d ago

The last time I turned on my Wii was to play a virtual console game, and that was a long time ago.