NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams - New Trailer

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams shows off it's stuff in this new trailer for the upcoming Nintendo Wii Game, developed by Sega.

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propheta4728d ago

What a marvelous universe SEGA created for this game. Also the trailer has a great new orchestration of the original Nights theme. How I wish this game could be running in a brand-new SEGA console, a promise of new horizons away from the Sony VS Microsoft VS Nintendo disputes. How I wish this all would end so we could focus more on the games and less on the controversy. How I wish SEGA was truly alive.

TruthbeTold4728d ago

The music sounds great for this game. On the subject of Sega's dropping out of the console race, in retrospect it seems to have been a positive for both Sega and Nintendo. Though since I did grow up also playing on Sega consoles it is still a bit wierd to be playing Sega games on other systems. That being said, this game looks great, and somewhat enthralling. I look forward to playing it.

YoungKingDoran4728d ago

wow looked great... NiGHTS was never a game to show with just screenshots alone