Star Wars: The Old Republic hands-on preview [BeefJack]

BeefJack: "STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC is one of the most anticipated MMOs since World of Warcraft. There have been plenty of CGI trailers, but how does it actually play? BeefJack recently got some hands-on time with The Old Republic, and it looks like The Force may be with this one..."

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MasterCornholio3099d ago

The game looks pretty interesting. While it may not be a WOW killer it will co exist peacefully alongside Blizzards titan. I expect that since its being made by Bioware the game should be a ton of fun and i expect a good pop in it.

Koelbox3099d ago

I hope this won't be the WoW Killer, that would mean all the WoW'rs would play this game.

Well u know what that means

MasterCornholio3099d ago

If you mean an army of chinese farmers and a bunch of whiny brats. Then i know what you are talking about. But lets be fair not all WoW players are that way i was one myself. Just the hardcore fans are thats all just like the apple zealots to give another example.