PAX 2011: Borderlands 2 Will Feature Cameos by Borderlands Characters

GameFront, "In a special PAX presentation, Gearbox showed a play-through of a mission from Borderlands 2. The protagonist was a Gunzerker class character. Similar to the Bezerker, he’s a big tough brawler. But when he activates his special he gets to dual wield guns instead of fists. Also shown was a new Siren character. Her special abilities are also all new, though the presenter declined to comment on them. As the Siren joined the Gunzerker, the Gearbox presenter remarked that it will be easier to join friend’s missions already in progress without having to go back and complete prerequisite quests."

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WhiteLightning3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

Yeah but it's pointless when the plot is is something that's to do with the Vault hunters.

It's about a guy who has been spreading lies that HE was the one who opened the Vault 5 years ago. So why the hell did they bring in new just seems like a silly idea.

It's not their story it's the vault hunters. they're the ones who should be getting revenge. It sounds like a plot they could of done if they used the Vaults hunters in Borderlands 3

thrasherv33099d ago

But Handsome Jack leaves you in the frozen tundra to die at the bringing of the story. Would you not want revenge? I know I would.

WhiteLightning3099d ago

Still if he's been spreading lies about the Vault hunters I don't see why they don't go after him themselfs instead of relying on someone else who he's p*ssed off.

They should of at least gave us a choice who to play