Resistance: Burning Skies | PS Vita Hands-on Preview []

Dealspwn: "One of the biggest challenges facing the PS Vita handheld is its ability to work with first-person shooters. The addition of a second analogue stick -and they are proper sticks now instead of nubs- is an important leap forwards from the original PSP and from our hand-on experience it’s a challenge the device and developers are already relishing.

Nihilistic are bringing the Resistance series to the handheld market for the first time in FPS form, after the third-person adventures of Retribution. The improvements are instantly noticeable, making the console’s 2012 arrival seem very far away for everyone outside of Japan."

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Cajun Chicken3099d ago

Hopefully they've put more effort than Playstation Move Heroes.

Knushwood Butt3099d ago

I don't want to stick my neck out too far on this one, but did you play PlayStation Move Heroes? It's actually not that bad. There is a decent amount of complexity to it, and it's not just some party game.

It's almost like the game got ripped into because it's NOT a party game...

It's not amazing, but it isn't that bad either.

Just saying...

bggriffiths3099d ago

I know what you mean. I only rented it and played through about a third of it. Just a shame that they put all those ace characters together for a Move game first. Fingers crossed for a platformer crossover.

NukaCola3099d ago

This looks pretty cool. i watched the demo and it's a sexy looking shooter. I wonder if they will crossplay the MP.

supremacy3099d ago

Now that would be nice.

bggriffiths3098d ago

They didn't mention it at my Gamescom presentation. However, Vita wipeout will be able to play against PS3 Wipeout HD players on the PS3 game's tracks online. That sounds proper 'future' to me :)

Finger's crossed for Resistance too then

SamPao3099d ago

It looks really good. I love the resistance franchise with its story, its so great, so I wont pass on this one if it turns out to be as good as it looks and from what i've seen till now, its great!

Sevir043098d ago

Is also the writer for the 2 Resistance novels, Gathering Storm and The recent Hole in Sky, which is awesome! Great stories in those books. So this Game will have an amazing narrative!

SamPao3098d ago

I have to pick up those book sometime! they must be good!

maniac763098d ago

coolness,actual thumbsticks ftw,fuc touch,although its good if nothing else haha