Eurogamer - God of War Origins Collection Review

Dan Whitehead writes: These are two unabashed button-mashers, high on visceral action and light on almost everything else. Assuming such a package is aimed squarely at fans of Kratos who know exactly what they're getting, any technical quibbles soon get sliced away by those whiplash blades and the showers of crimson grue that spill out from them. This is commercial fan service, offering the PSP-less Kratos acolyte the chance to experience the entire series, and by applying polish to more than just the graphics Sony has shown that it takes such endeavours seriously.

Take it on its merits, enjoy it for what it offers and make allowances for its humble origins and this second salvo in the God of War Collection is a worthwhile, if never quite spectacular, update to the Kratos canon.

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blumatt3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

This collection is great news for those of us without a PSP. It's good Sony has gone to great lengths to improve upon it rather than just copy and paste.

P_Bomb3100d ago

Man, the things Eurogamer finds to complain about. They're PSP ports, yet get called for only having 4 enemies on the screen at times. Meanwhile PacMan's been ported for 30 years yet never gets called out for their 4...Inky Blinky Pinky and Clyde.

The "direct-to-DVD counterparts" comment is a poor analogy as well. Frankly, I found the story in Chains of Olympus to be better & more personal than GOW3. You see the birth of the anger, and the context with his daughter and brother gives it more weight. Kratos gets screwed over, a lot. These 2 games really sell that. You'll see Helios, Hades/Persephone and Deimos' notes in GOW3 in a new light after Chains of Olympus. Direct to videos don't tend to do that.