The Mass Effect Diaries: Part Three

TeamXbox writes:

"Last week, we brought you the first part of our Mass Effect diaries, in which was take a daily look at a particular element of the highly-anticipated RPG from celebrated developer BioWare. The first entry detailed the ways that you can create the character of your dreams, beginning with his or her background and military history. You can also choose what sort of hero you want, and whether or not you want to focus more on biotics or gunplay or tech. While all of that stuff is certainly cool, it's the ability to make your character look just as you'd like that we found most intriguing. Our friends at BioWare obviously agree, as they sent us some exclusive collages of the many faces of Commander Shepard."

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x440Magnumx4922d ago

Definitely has the potential for the most believable looking created characters I've seen in a video game so far. Sorry Wii Sports. ;-) .