Get a brand new 3DS for just $149.99

Get a brand new 3DS for just $149.99 - find out how.

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gw4k3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

A little lower Nintendo. Just a little lower.

Honestly, even if it went lower I will probably pass. I'm all about the Vita!

Solid_Snake-3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

yet you will be paying $250 for a vita.....

[email protected] on this article....why comment if you are not buying. OH yeh thats right...your scared.

dontbhatin3102d ago

yeah they are scared to buy something that costs that much when honestly it is barely worth that. 250 is a great deal for what it has.

gw4k3102d ago

I honestly think Solid Snake is retarded. His comment was just plain..... retarded.

rjdofu3102d ago

Scare of what? Is it gonna bite me? Who the hell is scare of a gaming system LOL?

It's so cheap, yet some people are still not gonna buy it, maybe because they think it sucks? He said he's all about the Vita, of course he's gonna buy it. DUH.

gw4k: only Solid_Snake- is retarded, Solid Snake is awesome.

XabiDaChosenOne3102d ago

Already? Ebay must be over stocked with 3DS systems. Guess that little sales boost was short lived.

rezzah3102d ago

isnt this like $20 more than a PSP?

SweatyFlorida3102d ago

and about $10 lower than a DSi XL.

rezzah3102d ago

why would they do that? after lowering the price its not like they can increase it whenever they want to.

People would avoid it or be confused by why the price fluctuated.

Slappy McGee3102d ago

I want one but with all these fire sales and rumors of a dual analog version soon i am waiting. I know as soon as i buy one the better version will come out a month later. It happens every, single, time i buy a Nintendo handheld.

DarkBlood3102d ago

going by the way they all work you would know its inevitable they'll release a slimmer and or a better version

its not suprising but for me i rather get it now then later because then your just that much closer to thier next generation handheld in the future

Slappy McGee3101d ago

If it was just a cosmetic redesign like DS lite -> DSi then i would buy one but if the rumors of a dual analog version are true i would rather save my money for the version i want. I would WAY rather have a model with the second analog stick built in than having to deal with some kind of attachment for the current model to add a second analog stick.

Getowned3102d ago

"as i buy one the better version will come out a month later"

Same! I was thinking the same thing. lol

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