TheSixthAxis Review: God of War Collection 2

TSA writes: "If you skipped over the two PSP God of War games, then redemption is here, and it’s running at sixty frames per second in 1080p. The controls are better (the right analog dodge is a subtle blessing), the action consistently slicker and the visuals are much improved due to better textures, richer models and the odd graphical flair. So, you no longer have any excuse – unless, of course, you foolishly wrote off Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta as inferior side projects that you thought you could safety skip over, regardless of platform."

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Shojin13099d ago

Some are saying to wait to get this... I dont have a PSP so I dont plan on waiting.

raWfodog3099d ago

I'll wait simply because I already have too many games I haven't finished playing yet. By the time I get through, it should probably be $20 on Amazon.

SamPao3099d ago

I bought both titles on the psp and I played through them twice, they are incredible awesome and I recommend everyone to buy this collection!
I heard there will be a MASTER COLLECTION of ALL god of war titles, I'll get that one cuz I only own god of war 3 and psp games. And I want them all in my collection :)!

TheXtreme3099d ago Show