These Crysis 2 Gameplay Screenshots Will Make You Buy A New Computer

Crysis 2 (including SDK) brings us some new fantastic Crysis 2 Screenshots with actual modded gameplay graphics. Check out modders' works with different ToD settings (Time of Daylight), DirectX 11 and more. Head for the jump!

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CrzyFooL3099d ago

No they wo.... *looks again*

oh... mah... gad.

ATi_Elite3099d ago

Sorry folks but Crysis 2 PC was just a console port and even with the DX11 graphics it's not worth going out and buying a PC to play it. you get the same experience on a 360/ps3. So move along nothing to see here.

Crysis 1 now that's worth going out and getting a PC for and especially for the Immersive Mod. Hell those with PC's back in 2007 went out and bought another PC for Crysis LOL!!

If i didn't have a Gaming PC I would have bought one within 30 minutes after seeing that first BF3 Teaser trailer! The PC has many unique games worth buying a PC just to play but i think BF3 really hits at all the fine points of PC Gaming!

Burning_Finger3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

Lame...Another Shooter..


Whatever makes you sleep at night.

Jdub895O3099d ago

what exactly makes a troll? I really want to know?

Sashamaz3099d ago

@Jdub895O Opinions that contradict yours. At least from what I've seen

Tachyon_Nova3099d ago

@Jdub For me a troll is someone who comes in to an article on something they care nothing about to voice this fact.

LightofDarkness3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

Well, considering my computer already runs the game between 45-60FPS on DX11 Extreme settings, then no, they won't. Plus, these screenshots are pretty tame compared to what's already in the the game, these modders seem to have done nothing except change the time of day in certain areas. It's not like an ENB "ICEnhancer" that enhances the visual fidelity or brings it closer to reality, this is just screwing around without really changing anything.

Plus, that water looks positively last gen, whatever the hell they did to it.

zinki333099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

This looks like crap.

It really does,.. They have no artistic style or art direction,..

And than they try to emulate reality to an extend (of Gran Turismo or Arma) and they fail badly at that also,..(some things are visually so out of place,..)

I don't know what to say,..

Cryteck, please get some game designers and actually some people with an ounce of artistic skill on your team pronto,..Far Cry 1 still remains their best designed game,.. and even that wasn't something to brag about. Crysis 1 still dominates the world in vegetation,..(but so much shit visually is incoherent in that game,..)

@admiralthrawn87 : Probably as random as you,.. And you are entitled to your own opinions about visuals and graphics fidelity,.. If you think this is visually appealing, Great for you. I think this looks like shit on so many levels.

dark-hollow3099d ago Show
EdwardS0873099d ago

lol I love reading comments on this site. Its the ultimate puppet show!

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