Uncharted 3 Desert Village Footage looks mindblowing

GB : Check out the new multiplayer map from Uncharted 3.

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fluffydelusions3095d ago

Sand looks crazy to play in.

saladthieves3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Makes me wonder...if they can get such good graphics out of a system 5-6 years old, imagine what they can do with next gen systems.

Edit: Burning_Finger beat me to it.

ernsttco3095d ago

That's what I be thinking. Can you imagine what Sucker Punch, Naughty dog, Guerrilla, Evolution, and the Santa Monica team are going to do next gen! Scary

Ares843095d ago

Naughty Dog are great developers and they sure do how to make a great game but I'm going to say something here that will not be liked by many people. The online isn't "THAT" great in Uncharted. It's a nice addition but in all honesty I'm not buying Uncharted 3 for online neither did I buy Uncharted 2 for online. I want Uncharted for it's campaign mode which is always awesome and top notch and shines over the "ok" multiplayer mode.

If I want to play MP I got BFBC2 or will have BF3 by than so.....

Wish they spent all that time and effort on an even longer SP instead. But I'm the minority because in this day and age only multiplayer is what matters not SP anymore.

lociefer3095d ago

godamn not even a single low res texture amazing

HappyGaming3095d ago

And what is amazing is that 80% or even 100% of the PS4 games will look better than the best PS3 game (Most likely Uncharted 3)

Theonetheonly3094d ago

wow did anyone notice how this game as really nice Graphics?


WhittO3094d ago

and thats multiplayer!! The lighting looks photo-realistic! Look at the difference between U1 and that video!
I can't wait for U3 :D

I sort of hope they create a new IP after U3 though, like have a few years break from it or something, would love to see another IP from ND.

yabhero3094d ago

@Gumtrol unfortunately the PS4 won't be much stronger than the PS3 according to Sony but i don't mind for two reasons... 1 I'm getting a Wii U and 2 this looks awesome.

jeseth3094d ago

Holy Smokes!

I'm really surprised how much better UC3 looks than UC2! I knew they would improve but UC3 looks absolutely incredible.

I hope these guys are well paid!

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dontbhatin3095d ago

you heard that too? haha that made my day hearing that. XD

net1234563095d ago

Lol its kiddy way to say rock paper scissors.

Dee_913095d ago

Did the Beta have those Hit Markers ?

saladthieves3095d ago

It actually did, but they were smaller and lasted for very short periods. Now they look similar to Battlefield Bad Company 2 ones.

Overall I have to give it up for Naughty Dog because this was an awesome beta. The only thing that annoyed me was the obsessive amount of Bunny Hoppers that were around the map..The moment they saw you, they started jumping across the map, before you even shoot!...just made it more difficult to take down.

Brosy3095d ago

Puts me in the mind of Splinter Cell or Assassins Creed.

saladthieves3095d ago

I don't understand how you got a disagree for just saying that...this site and its ninja/stealth disagreeing...damn.

humbleopinion3095d ago

Masked black dude poppin' and smoking people in the sand? So cool, they should make 50 cents an unlockable char!

7xsPD3095d ago

It's amazing that that game looks more fun then uncharted 3.

Bigpappy3095d ago

Great use of color and lighting. I would have to see the rest of the game to fully judge it. In this vid, there seems to be a lot of blur in the distance.

I do see more faults, but would not mention them here, because the game looks great, and I am not trying to deminish the great work of ND. They made some minor trade offs to get a great over all result.

Bigpappy3095d ago

Really? You think my comment is trolling? Okay, please explain. Show me how you reach that conclusion. You guys are so darn sensitive. I am praising the Developers for doing a great job, but I do point out what I notice in the video. I said I don't know why there is blur in the distance (may be most players are using smoke ganades). But this is a multiplayer game which does not have a 1Gig video card. The game does look great, but to act like this is perfect with no compromises is stupid. I am sure you will be able to see that for yourself when you look at the single player.

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Nes_Daze3094d ago

I admire your respect for ND, I think any game has its "tradeoffs", and Uncharted 3 is one of those games with the least amount of them. I loved Uncharted 2, and Uncharted 3 will be no different.

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zeddy3095d ago

and this is multiplayer so the graphics have been dumbed down, cant wait to see what it looks like in single player.

Marceles3095d ago

Come on Naughty Dog, COME ON...amazing

Lazy_Sunday3095d ago

I've loved Uncharted 1 & 2 more than almost any other action adventure game in existence. It's almost been to such a point as to define me coming here to voice my opinion. But knowing that I only really care for the single player--since I can't get my friends into the multiplayer, it makes me want to wait to experience this game. Why?
Is there too much hype surrounding this game? Am I afraid I'll be disappointed?

Miiikeyyy3094d ago

Uncharted 3's multiplayer looks better than other games singleplayer tbh!

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specialguest3095d ago

UC3 has dlc Ryu?? Coooool! I know I heard a "hadoken" at 1:27

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Burning_Finger3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

*Imagined*...PS4.....*Puts on sunglasses*....YEAH!!!

wenaldy3095d ago

Its over 9000!!!!!

Sorry i had to..

rickhunter893095d ago

dont worry vegeta would be proud

yabhero3094d ago

Talks to Sony... They imagine PS3 for me... then slap a new title on it... PS4... I am disappointed

Ingram3094d ago


akaFullMetal3095d ago

looks really nice, to bad we didn't get to play it in the beta.