PS Lifestyle - God of War: Origins Collection Review

Jonathan Leack writes: For less than the price of a single game, God of War: Origins Collection offers two expertly crafted titles on one Blu-ray. The transition to console has been nothing short of impressive, with each game not only looking but playing better than its handheld counterpart. While each game suffers from the static camera issues, and don’t do much in the way of innovation, the proven God of War formula shines through with its fluid combat, epic experience that is second to none, and outstanding adaptation of Ancient Greek mythology. As with the God of War: Collection that came before it, the God of War: Origins Collection is a successful remaster that is sure to inspire other developers to convert their special PSP titles to the PS3 so even more consumers can enjoy some of the platform’s greatest offerings in HD.

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Sev3101d ago

This game is a steal at $40. I'm playing the ICO and SOTC collection right now ;)

knifefight3101d ago

And I'm gonna have to punch you in the kidney.

Istanbull3101d ago

How did you get the ICO collection?

T3mpr1x3101d ago

Early review copies FTW!

JonnyBigBoss3101d ago

So much epicness for $40!

Dwalls11713101d ago

Sony is amazing...buying this wen I get pait friday...and pre ordering resistance 3 :)

Skateboard3101d ago

Guess whose back Kratos back Kratos back Kratos


BigWoopMagazine3101d ago

definitely going on the list of games to buy. The ever growing, never ending, insanely chock full list, but yup, I gotta play these at some point but never wanted a PSP just to do that.