DivX On The PS3: Is Sony Selling Consoles or Sabotaging HD-DVD?

Seeking Alpha writes:

"When I found out that DivX was going to be supported on the PS3, I was pretty much floored by the announcement. I can see lots of reasons why Microsoft would want to add DivX to the Xbox, but with Sony's studio assets, I never expected them to embrace the format. While there is no way for me to know what really motivated Sony, I do have my suspicions: "

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Marona4929d ago

Could be a bit both don't you think?

Real Gambler4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

In his own words, Sony is bad because they are bringing in Divx to allow PS3 users to pirate hddvd movies from exclusive company... And that would be bad? What is bribing those same company to switch side would be then?

Two things started this: It was the most wanted option to be added to the PS3, and quite likely, it's something that got started on both side of the fence, with Divx pushing their product on the 360 as well. Will they then say it's a conspiracy from hddvd to steal exclusive content from BluRay when that will happen?

And last, by including Divx, they will hurt sales of both HD formats, not just one. If you cannot get Transformers for the Bluray, you buy a dvd and upscale it. If you're too cheap to buy the dvd and just pirate it, then you're quite likely doing it for all movies, including Blurays.

What a paranoid... Must really wear tinfoil on his head all the time!

gaffyh4928d ago

Yeah it's both, what stupid article, what's he gonna say if 360 also gets DivX support?

BrianC62344928d ago

That's one of the dumbest things I've ever read. Coocoo. The guy has no clue. Divx support isn't about Blu-ray vs HD DVD. It's about giving PS3 owners more choices on watching video.

Bibto4929d ago

If you look at the author's other articles, you can find one entitled: DivX and Xbox 360: A Potential Win-Win For Everyone.

A quote from that article: To Microsoft: With a consistent extender strategy and DivX support on the Xbox 360, you could crush the PS3 and create a more compelling reason for people to adopt your Media Center technology.

Sounds like a case of sour grapes for the author.

ruibing4928d ago

I have the same feeling. Why can't people just take a good thing for what it is and be thankful for it? If the 360 got it instead, I doubt the author would be writing a similiar article.

gamesblow4929d ago

The % of people who are going to even know how to intergrate this is few and slight. It's not an omission on Sony's part for and of nothing. It's Sony using Divix for rolling out their online media service next fall. We won't see divix anytime soon.

tudors4929d ago

the more I think downloading movies from Xbox-live will be the way to go forward, the HDDVD/Bluray battle is a joke, consumers are suffering because we are being forced to make a choice, and now DIVX, DIVX is a great movie player but you can copy onto a normal DVD, it's a pirates paradise. Sony sounds a bit desperate to me, Nintendo concentrates on Nintendo, MS concentrate on MS, Sony concentrate on MS instead of just getting the games out they are obsessed with what MS are doing, all the while Nintendo does well ans MS keep improving there services.

If Sony carry on the way they are people will loose interest, they need to concentrate on games.

Sorry Sony dudes but you are being used like guinea pigs.

mighty_douche4929d ago

"the more I think downloading movies from Xbox-live will be the way to go forward"

i totally disagree, take a movie like Lord of the Rings, in HD you'd be looking at around 30gb+ with the extras, how long do you think that would take to download? let alone the fact that your 360 hard-drive isnt even big enough. also, what happens if your machine f*cks up (lets be honest with a 360 theres a good chance of that), you've just lost everything, do you really wanna download all that AGAIN?

Skerj4928d ago

Not only that but as of now those downloads are still timed and expire in time. If I'm renting something I'd go with Netflix, and if I'm buying a movie I'd like it to be tangible or operate in a way that a DVD does.

Real Gambler4928d ago

They don't care at all about hddvd!!! They are in it because they don't want a format to win. Bill Gates own a good chunck of the internet backbone and internet providers (why do you think he is buying shares in cable company for). He doesn't want a hard support to win. He want people to have to download movies and have no control over it. They won't be able to sell it back. They will have a timer on it. If PC crash, and they do since they run windows, you have to download again. And everytime, he will be making money out of every bits going through internet. Sure, nothing is ready for it. Most people don't have PC connected to their TV and games consoles don't have harddrives big enough. So he just want the fight to last a little longer until everything fall in place. Trust me, if BluRay would have been the one selling only one third of the HD format, then Microsoft would be backing it! They won't make money of the hddvd. They don't want them to win as much and they would not want BluRay to win. End of story.

Now, do you think you would get good service from Microsoft if they started selling movies online? What kind of server do you think could cope with a release like Transformer. Would take days to download from servers. Next solution, torrent type service... Hmmm, since Bill makes money from upload and download almost every where, catching... And we would just need more bandwith to accommodate all the legal movie sharing going on. Very sad. Like other users have said, I want my movie now. I want a hard copy. I want to be able to sell it back if I'm tired of it. I want to be able to bring it to the cottage for those rainy days.

tudors4929d ago

"If you look at the author's other articles, you can find one entitled: DivX and Xbox 360: A Potential Win-Win For Everyone"

But the point is that Xbox-360 does not need it, but if we were to get legitimate HD content for download then I expect it would be great quailty output, my concern is that all adding DIVX does is create a load of pirated DVD's.

If there going to do it they need to do it right.

Skerj4929d ago

Pirated dvds existed well before either system and adding Divx support to the PS3 likely won't increase it more than it already is right now. I'm happy because now I don't have to transcode things like TV shows or run them over TVersity to play on my PS3.

ravinash4929d ago

I think this is the true reason why Sony are getting together with DivX.
its not in Sonys interests to side with Pirating...don't forget Sony is still selling normal DVDs and have to deal with pirates the same as any other studio. I think the author is reading more into it than there actually is.

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