Madden 12: Most innovative Madden ever?

Sarcastic Gamer: "EA has been publishing their Madden series since 1988, and while the most recent iterations of the title are light years better than the original, the innovation has been slight ever since 2004 when EA secured the exclusive right to release NFL video games on home consoles. When the competition disappeared, EA sat back on its laurels and started churning out editions of Madden that were nearly indistinguishable to the previous year. That’s all about to change with Madden NFL 12..."

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CrimsonEngage3093d ago

What's so innovating about it? Is the grass even more realistic than the last? Do you get weapons now?

I never understood why people buy Madden every year. It's the same as the last one. My friend says he buys it for the roster updates. You can't just release a roster update as DLC? Instead you release the same game for $60 with greener grass and statistic updates?

Not really a rant or hating on the game, just always wondered why people by this every year. Maybe someday the arenas will have traps on the ground.

plumber153093d ago

I hear you CrimsonEngage but i can't really talk because i buy NHL every year just for the roster update i would pay $10 just for the update instead of buying a whole new game . As for madden they really haven't really done anything to make me buy it every year at least NHL they have added new physics but other then that not much has changed for my tastes ....