Xenoblade Chronicles Review: The Best JRPG In Years []

Dealspwn: "Xenoblade Chronicles is one of the best JRPGs ever made. In fact, it's probably one of the best roleplaying games of this generation - regardless of platform. Monolith Soft has made the genre relevant again, delivering depth and nuance without compromising fun or thrills. If you own a Wii, you owe it to yourself to play Xenoblade Chronicles. It's that simple."

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jacksonmichael3103d ago

I know, hey? There's no way it could be as good as COD.


byeGollum3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

ppl like you promote COD more than the fans do.. thats funny lol .. with every little thin' there's a COD reference.

zinki333103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

A bit,..

But the game is really stellar,.. Really well designed... And even sub-quests stories are pretty interesting,.. I have no major complaints,..

I still wish it was in HD,.. with some AA and aniso,..(I really don't mind the polygon count and texture reso,.. but native reso, aa and aniso would make it look even more gorgeous),..

I think aesthetically Leg puts Grand Pulse to fucking shame visually,.. Some scenery is just breathtaking,.. But then again,.. FF13 is has some places that are so fucking beautiful I don't know what renders it in real time,..

Only wish for once a fucking main character would not be a blonde blue-eyed metrosexual kid in every JRPG,.. (Shulk is actually pretty cool,.. But types are so pervasive,..(lets hope FF Versus breaks away from 'always the same shit' mantra). Hell even Reyn looks like Wakka,.. Reyn is also pretty cool)

I am at level 29,.. and so far,.. It really is great and well designed,.. I like this game a lot,.. and whoever loves Jrpgs and has a chance to play it ,.. Buy this shit,.. because it is AAA game.

phantomexe3103d ago

If it come to the states it's the one wii game i would pick up this year. i'm not sure where the overrated part comes into play. It gets 9 or 10 rateing across all sites and a friend who picked it up in the EU loves it. I can see alot of people not wanting it here just because it's on the Wii. Still i'd get it but i love rpgs and no not the mindless kind like fallout....

pcz3103d ago

this game is just incredible.

if you are in europe, have a wii and are undecided about this game.. you should definitely get it!

some of the things they did with this game i haven't even seen in a ps3/360 game. they did amazing things with the wii with this game, blows me away.

kesvalk3103d ago

you never saw that on the ps3/360 because you don't have WoW on them...