Deus Ex 3 DLC Confirmed by Jensen Himself

EmptyLifeBar:"This pass Thursday to Friday, Toronto was privileged with the Fan Expo 2011 at the Toronto Metro Center. For our readers who are unaware of the Fan Expo in Canada, it is actually an equivalent convention to that of the Comic Con held in the States. On my visit to the expo I had a chance to meet Elias Toufexis, the voice actor who has brought life to a list of video game characters, some such as Andriy Kobin from Splinter Cell Conviction, Federico Auditore in both Assassins Creed two, Brotherhood, and one of the hottest games right now, Square Enixs Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s main character Adam Jensen."


Update: Article has been removed?

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JsonHenry3102d ago

I'm ready for it. Already beat the game.

chriski3333101d ago

beat it afew hours ago and i restarted again insane awesome game

saladthieves3102d ago

At least there's DLC after the game was released. Some developers announce the DLC before the game is months away from release. It simply shows that they are ready to milk more money out of you on content they could have included on the disc.

gw4k3102d ago

Give it to me! I loved this game. I wish there was a way to start the game over but keep your stats.

TheGreatGazoo3102d ago

Funny that voice actors break these kind of things before the game developers do

SeanRL3102d ago

Seriously if you have it before the game is released just put it in, this is ridiculous.

ryhanon3102d ago

Seriously, read the article before whining about something completely unrelated.

Rampaged Death3102d ago

I've nearly finished it so some DLC would be nice. Hope I can just load it up because I don't want to go through the whole game again.

Chnswdchldrn3102d ago

welp that must have been the special announcement that the main menu was talking about

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