Gamefront - God of War: Origins Collection Review

Phil Owen writes: All in all, it’s a no-brainer that you should grab this collection if you haven’t played these two games already, but is it worth the upgrade if you have? I’d say probably not unless you have a 3D TV; the graphical upgrade, in the end, doesn’t actually improve the experience. Although it certainly was no chore to play these two games again, the addition of 3D is really all that really made an impression on me this time around.

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jackoffjim3105d ago

Dear reviewer:

If you're going to score it an 8.5, at least give a legit reason as to why. Don't score it something just because it was on the PSP and that you played it before. That reason there makes you look less than an amateur.

Miiikeyyy3105d ago

There'll be others who haven't played it on PSP, like me for example!

jackoffjim3105d ago

I haven't played the PSP versions as well. All the guy does is talk about what the games are about. No descriptive review what so ever.

user83971443105d ago

Day 1! Don't care for score. Should be a 10 though.