Surfer Girl's account hacked - her name and secrets revealed

"DA Golaith" aka "Surfering Dude" aka "zofia" has hacked into Surfer Girl's Google and Blogger account (both accounts share the same login under Google.) The hacker is now using Surfer Girl's account to post on Surfer Girl's blog, and he is going through hundreds of her emails and spilling her secrets.

The hacker, using bits and pieces of information revealed by Surfer Girl in her blogs about her boyfriend and a Scottish soft rock band, figured out that her account password is "[email protected]\/!$" ("tRaViS").

Reading through her emails, DA Golaith claims that Surfer Girl has been communicating with Ubisoft, Insomniac, Official PlayStation Magazine, GameSpot, Kotaku, among others. DA Golaith will be able to slowly spill all her deepest secrets (and torment her) - as well as who from what companies have been leaking company secrets to her.

This can get very ugly.

DA Golaith also claims that her short name is Cathy, and that he has obtained a picture of her in water surf. DA Golaith is adding new entries, comments and information in Surfer Girl's blog (as "Surfer Girl") as he is reading through her private emails.


• Who is Surfer Girl? Has any of her rumors proven correct? See the first alternative link.

• Apparently Surfer Girl has recovered her account and removed all vandalizations.

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gamesblow4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

This is paid propaganda and nothing more. This is all drummed up by her stupid ass. Anyone who believes this is a fool!

She's a moronic twit and one who's basically out to seek attention cause she's morbidly obease. That girl's site didn't get hacked. This is her and the media's way of giving her more attention... Dear Gawd, I'm gonna say it... I find Sadie more appealing than this sorry sack of bird ****.

dhammalama4922d ago

I just checked out your link and blog. YOU'RE an ASS.

an excerpt from gamesblows's blog :

"As being Gamesblow, and being a super success in the gaming world I take offense to anyone trying to gain something from nothing or other peoples bits of news. This dumb CLIT LIP does it daily. She reads mags, sites and listens to pod cast and goes to little conventions and then jumps online with her idiotic persona and starts tossing $hit out of her ass like she just ate 2 pounds of eggs and downed it with fish oil."

Seriously dude, I think she get's a lot more respect than you.

ktchong4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

So, what happened to "Alan Wake AXED"?

I thought you were 100% sure.


ry-guy4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )


Isn't it the American dream to go from nothing to something? Are you saying that by posting blogs on myspace you are more legitimate than Surfer Girl because you use coarse language and the powerglove rating system? Your formatting is terrible and your page makes my rentinas bleed. All you're doing is getting more people to view your myspace so you can feel more legitimate about your presence in the world.

Personally, I think you both have zero credibility.

In time, we will see if this is an actual event or if this is just a staged act. If actual names and people are released that are giving her insider info that is cool but what bugs me is that people post her garbage on this website and promote it as news. So far all we can conclude is she is not an industry person.

The only reason you get 100,000 readers is because you post links to your blog all over this site telling people your reviews are legit and unbiased. I have read your reviews and I have yet to agree with any of them.

gunmetal4922d ago

As much as I hate agreeing with Gamesblow, this is completely fake.

In time the "hacker" will either "give her back" the blog, or she'll claim google stepped in. In the meantime, we're all supposed to believe her sources because the "hacker" saw emails proving her information came from insiders!

SlappyMcTaint4922d ago

And why the fck should we care!?!?! This isn't gaming news!

In other news, I farted this morning -a nice thunderous blast in my pants.

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gamesblow4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

I have one of the biggest followings in the videogame realm, jackson. I get over 100,000 hits a month. I have over 700 dedicated readers. I also don't have to stoop to propaganda to keep them. Call me what you will and like me, love me or hate me... I'm GAMESBLOW and that accounts for alot when it comes to online personas.

Saint Sony4922d ago

You should know that people only might read you just because you're one of the biggest idiots around here. Daily laughter from a total moron is relaxing.

But what comes to gaming industry, you know SH!T!

Malkier4922d ago

People actually read your site? wow, had no idea... actually, that explains what the 12 year old fanboys do when they arn't posting their fanboy crap on N4G.

Ashta4922d ago

I'm just gonna have to say this: "Until I actually found N4G I had no idea who you were and, quite frankly, the idea that 700 people are dedicated to your site is mind-boggling"

Ok, now that I got that out of the way....Seriously Gamesblow, or whatever, what does it matter to you if it IS propaganda? So, maybe she got hacked or maybe its some stunt to get hits...whatever. Also, the fact that The Round Peg took the moment to waste everyones time with a meaningless post and that you felt you had to follow it up with another meaningless reply is just absolutely sad.

marcellizot4922d ago

I can't make my mind up if you are a prankster or not.

100,000 hits per month 700 dedicated readers? That will be why you have absolutely no comments on any of your MySpace blog posts then.

Success? Laugh? I nearly did.

Time waster.

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Polluted4922d ago

If this is real then DA Goliath is a douche-bag. I'm done with this story.

gamesblow4922d ago

Anyone can see, with a brain and logic, that that is her or one of her friends stagging as herself. Case and point... that sure is a boring hacker. Doesn't give out too much info and listen to that trite drivel she tried pawning off. "I forgot about the scottich rock band that shares the same name" Yeah, whatever... Just shut up. youv'e been had and I hope you burn for it. Sony defense force sure did. You need to next.

TruthbeTold4922d ago

If this is real, then this Goliath person is a freak stalker. I lean more toward gamesblow's opinion though that this is probably just a publicity stunt. Has she shut her site down? Has the hacker revealed any of the stuff that she claimed to be unable to come out and say before? I'm going to have to check this out to know for sure, which means that it is likely that I'll play right into the scheme if such a scheme does exist.

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