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Ken McKown Writes: As I finished up my play through of Ghost of Sparta, I realized that I had completed every game in the God of War anthology on one console. This is one of the things I love about this generation: HD collections. The latest includes two of the best PSP games to date, complete with Trophy support, redone visuals and all on one Blu-Ray disc. I will admit, I was excited to finally get to play these two titles, but the thought of blowing up two portable games onto my large HD display had me worried about how they would translate. Thankfully, that was quickly silenced as I took control of Kratos.

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SoundGamer3101d ago

Hmm, played both on the PSP and of course they are among some of the best portable games out there.

I didn't realize reviews were already going out for the collection.

Nitrowolf23101d ago

Yeah seems early for it but Gametrailer and IGN got theirs to.

ZeroTolerance3101d ago

Embargo ended this morning at 6am PST. We have actually had the game for a month to play through them. Surprised no one else posted theirs up this morning.

HeavenlySnipes3101d ago

because and I quote "Kratos Sucks".

Good job IGN, give people more reason to think you're bias

SoundGamer3101d ago


Oh wow, that's a bit of time. Was it an early build review copy or was it code for the retail copy of the game? Curious.

ZeroTolerance3101d ago

It was not retail but it had all the Trophies and extras so basically what will be released in September.

Muitnorts3100d ago


It may be an unpopular opinion and one I don't agree with but I'm not sure why it shows bias.

The game did get a 9.0, this reviewer just dislikes the Kratos character.

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RIP_Weazel3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

I think it's released around the 16th Sep in the EU. Glad the reviews are starting now, as they give me plenty of time to come up with justification needed to buy another game! (R3, JL Rugby Challenge, Batman, and Uncharted 3 have now been joined by GOW:Origins.) With the rugby world cup just around the corner, I get the feeling that this is going to be a tight few months!

Serjikal_Strike3101d ago

Great score....another must have to my ps3 collection

gamingisnotacrime3101d ago

just like the previous collection was icing on the cake with hd visuals and trophies, the new one should also be a treat

love them collections!!!!

BigBoss19643101d ago

@SoundGamer No gregg miller just doesn't like Kratos to the point where he didn't finish off the console versions bit sad really

Ares843101d ago

Just about to platinum God of War 3, only one trophy is missing. Can't wait for this.

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