Which Dynasty Warriors is Better: PS3 or 360?

Kotaku reports:

"So Dynasty Warriors 6 hit Japanese PS3s and Xbox 360s. People have really been really been looking forward to this game! But which version is better? Side-by-side comparison time! For the game's movie scenes, the PS3 version is clearer, and things like hair and skin are crisper. Also, the PS3 rendered clouds aren't as blocky."

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InMyOpinion4922d ago

They game itself is crap so who cares? Not like it's pushing some graphical boundaries for any of the systems. Nice comparing which console works best with the PS2-emulator though.

BloodySinner4922d ago

"Nice comparing which console works best with the PS2-emulator though." - ROFLMAO!

mesh14922d ago

this si a clear case of clear jap dev biased the made the 360 look slighter worse than the ps3 on a crap game engine that does not push any graphics who are they fooling ?

gamesblow4922d ago

Like most issues at hand it's a contrast issue and nothing more. People need to learn calibration if they think their games are inferior. I don't care what system you own. Do some tv and system adjustments and shut up. That's my take on things.

KDash4922d ago (Edited 4922d ago )

who cares about this crap?

InMyOpinion4922d ago

Japanese forum posters are probably going ape-sh!t over stories like this lol!

Douchebaggery4922d ago

They would have to care about the x360 for that to happen

InMyOpinion4922d ago

the articles source is from a japanese website. What was it you said again?

titntin4922d ago

Weather you like the game or not - its an important release for anyone who understands, or is interested, in the games buisness. Initial figures from Japan show that this title has shifted more units in its first few days than the new Super Mario game and is responsable for shifting hardware units.

Though the differences are certianly minimal, its looking like the trend for shabby PS3 ports is starting to get reversed, and looks like in time maybe PS3 may be the better port for some titles. It's always going to be developer dependant though, and its no suprise that Koei will have made sure the PS3 version is running fine, as that's a far larger market for this game.

Hapimeses4922d ago

Well, judging by those stills, this one goes to the PS3 (especially clear on the shots of the clouds, for example). That said, just how many people outside of Japan will care about this is up for debate. I've always had a soft spot for the Dynasty Warrior games (I had a few for PS2) -- but not that much of a soft spot.

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The story is too old to be commented.