Resistance 3 Preview (El33tonline)

Peter at El33tonline writes:

"James Stevenson and Tom Pickett from Insomniac presented Resistance 3 to us at gamescom, and the singleplayer story mode is looking very interesting. The bit they showed us was part of Chapter 8: The Plan, and it followed Jo Capelli as he searches for the remains of an aircraft that he saw crashing. Capelli meets some people living in St. Louis, a resistance group known as the Remnants led by a man by the name of ‘Charlie,’ who takes Capelli back with him to their hideout.

Adding a twist to this chapter, Capelli’s friend and scientist, Malakov, is in dire need of penicillin, and it turns out this ‘Remnant’ group that he’s met up with has some, so in return for the medicine that will save his friend’s life, Capelli agrees to help the Remnants with a dangerous mission to take out a Chimeran dropship to get their hands on a power core."

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