Deus Ex: Human Revolution: The most 'groundbreaking' game ever?

TheWeek: The new video-game allows players to embody an ex-SWAT specialist in the year 2027, and grants them unprecedented decision-making abilities as they navigate the futuristic world

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DigitalRaptor3102d ago

On its own merits, it's one of them, yes!

But sadly because it's not a mainstream title too many people will miss out on the masterpiece.

Voxelman3101d ago

The original Deus Ex says hi

Disccordia3101d ago

I was going to say the same.

Kran3101d ago

Well its groundbreaking to those who havent played the original deus ex. Once i get my new PC, im playing the original. Bought it couple of months ago on Steam ;)

Dazel3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

While it is very good and I'm enjoying it immensely it seems to me its just lots of games pasted together. Two parts MGS, one part Splinter Cell, one part Bioshock and another of Mass Effect and even a dash of Crysis 2 with a drop of Riddick all expertly crafted together. I'm on the last mission, I think, and I've not encountered anything I haven't seen before, what makes Deus Ex good is combining it all in one package.

Ps. I love the boss battles, gives it a nice change of tempo.

peowpeow3101d ago

The first Deus Ex already has this formula though. MGS did release before that but this game is more like the first than a mash-up of others

grailly3101d ago

agreed, except for the boss battles.

I just feel like Deus Ex is missing the "wow factor", it's very good overall, but I never needed to stop playing just to think about how awesome what I just did was.

It's still one one my favorite games this year, it's good to know there's room for improvement.

jmmurillo863101d ago

Good recipe. I also noticed some Batman: Arkham Asylum touch. Tasty!

Ramas3101d ago

for me it is nothing special

Psychonaughty3101d ago

Groundbreaking no, a great game yes!