Xbox Originals Get Perfect Manuals, Imperfect Ports

Kotaku lists out both the good and bad news regarding Xbox Originals.

The good news is that they will have the original manual in PDF format.
The bad news is that they will run through software emulation, which appears to have glitches and performance troubles in regards to some disc-based titles.

Xbox Original is scheduled to be available December 4th.

G_CodeMonkey6042d ago (Edited 6042d ago )

While cool that we can download these games, will it have XBLA-type issues, such as your new 360 after the RRoD? Is this better than just buying a used copy that you can take anywhere (except the part where you don't have to load the disc--I know,I'm lazy)? Also, it'd be sweet to be able to play these titles portable, similar to what the PSP allows with downloaded PS1 games... Zune doesnt have the controls (they could add them).. How about bringing them to the PSP VIA the 360!?!? Madness, but it'd sure be sweet... gCM

-SIXAXIS-6042d ago

It most likely will have XBLA issues as well as other issues just like all Microsoft hardware.

I doubt that they will bring it to Zune and PSP because Zune and PSP don't have the processor and GPU speed to handle emulated XBOX games.

Emulating XBOX 1 via software could have some issues and could drive a lot of heat. You guys thought RRoD would be gone, but after they start this, it's making a MAJOR comeback.

kalistyles6042d ago

The XBOX 360 isn't meant for BC. I'm not shocked that they would have crappy disc dumped games. I'm also not sure that this is such a good thing either. This could lead to choppy opening logos the first time they are played when caching, and additional content on the disc image (such as trailers and demos) will be unsupported and may cause the console to crash. PS just knows how to do it, no question about that.

projectile6042d ago (Edited 6042d ago )

I really don't really see how this would not be as good as the software emulation of the original dvd's?
The harddrive in the 360 should be faster than the dvd-drive?
From what I see they should be just as good only with faster loading times.
So if nobody complained about the old emu this should do just fine.
I would have hoped for 720p in all games though.

squallsoft6042d ago

ouch. so much for that idea. good job microsoft! lol

Syko6042d ago

Minimum Effort, Maximum Profit.

Bnet3436042d ago

then you wonder how Microsoft has a lot of money. but you cant be mad at them for doing what they're supposed to do, make money. I'll probably just buy games like Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 or anything hard to find these days

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Popsicle4d ago

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shinoff21833d ago

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