Call Of Duty: Five Common Misconceptions

Thecrapgamer from GamerXchange writes:
Don’t worry, this isn’t a Modern Warfare 3 versus a Battlefield 3 article. We all pretty much have our own opinions and ideas on both of these games. Lately I’ve noticed from articles that I’ve read, as well as responses to those articles by gamer’s themselves that people have a lot of misconceptions about Call Of Duty as a whole. A lot of the time I think Call Of Duty takes a lot of unnecessary heat and criticism.

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dark-hollow3105d ago

#1 it's not a bad series but for god sake after FOUR games yearly we need some major overhauls!

#2 yes it's very immature to generalize the whole cod fan base.

#3 that's so wrong on so many levels. Cod has ZERO teamwork!
One good player can carry off the team and win.

#4 yes it's right. Their changes are shallow and nothing major.

#5 haters just grasping at straws for arguments sake like you said.