Namco Bandai X Tecmo Koei Countdown: Something Brewing

"Tales of Ninja Gaiden? Tekken vs. Dead or Alive? .hack//AndSlash? Dynasty Warriors Naruto? What could the new Namco Bandai X Tecmo Koei countdown site mean?" -PSLS

PSLS muses about what it might be.

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BigWoopMagazine3095d ago

Woo look at that timer roll!

Hmmm... I'm straight up hoping for a new IP that combines the best of both worlds.

Andreas-Sword3095d ago

I think:

Tales of Ninja Gaiden
Dead or Alive x Tekken
DragonBall Z Warriors
Dynasty Warriors Naruto

What do you think?

Simon_Brezhnev3095d ago

I would like a Tales of Ninja game. They know how to tell some good stories in the tales series. Dynasty Warriors Naruto would make them a lot of money. I like Tecmo Koei but i hate Scamco. TBH i want all of them except Dynasty Warriors Naruto.

Xof3095d ago

Of those, Naruto Musou is most likely, given the whole "war" arc and big scale battles stuff Naruto's been getting into.

But in reality, it'll probably be something really, really boring.

insertcoin3095d ago

My bet is Dead or Alive x Tekken and then a Tekken X Dead or Alive (not that it really needs both).

Oaklnd3095d ago

Maybe just a mix of all of them, why not?

Quagmire3094d ago

Tekken VS DragonBall Z would be BATSHIT crazy, and I would buy it day 1