The Future Of The Disc

TPV's Phil: "As time has gone on, technology has become vastly enhanced and improvements are made daily to what we see as current tech. In the past 20 years alone we have gone from standard 8 bit games that had shocked many people and pushed the boundaries on what was possible to games released nowadays that come in 1080p HD, have beautifully crafted enviroments with huge maps and very detailed vistas."

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SRTold3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I have a 60" LED LCD Sony Bravia Television. 1080p Of course.

I play tonnes of games, and love HD gaming. Amazing.

I have 300 or so DVD movies and tv shows in my collection..

6 months ago, I got a new washing machine, and a new dryer. it came with a brand new Samsung Blu-Ray player. We had the box sitting beside the TV, and it actualy had a thick layer of dust on it. We never opened the box even. Why? Because Blu-Ray is only a fad, I think. I don't bother with that shit when I can download directly all this stuff to my computer, or stream it directly to my TV with Netflix.

While I will not argue against the fact that Blu-Ray video and audio is AMAZING, the streamed content from Netflix and the like is also very good, and I don't actually give 2 shits about buying discs anymore. Why bother when digital downloads are faster, easier, and are better for the environment by like 100 times. Not only that but I don't have to change discs if I want to play a new game, just use a menu option.

DVD was King. Blu-Ray is like an aspiring prince. Direct Download is Godlike.

DVD is still preferred over Blu-Ray. Don't believe me? Why do they include a DVD disc in all Blu-Ray packs? It is because basically everyone has a DVD player. Few have Blu-Ray. And they are hoping you will get the combo pack to watch the DVD now, and eventually upgrade to BluRay.. The thing is, direct download is already on it's way to surpassing Blu-Ray.

Now back to my story about my Blu-Ray player still in the box. So we had it for a few months, and my sister in law was getting netflix and had no way to use it with her TV. Luckily, my "new" blu-ray player has Netflix built in. We gave her the Blu-Ray player for free, and she is loving it, using it with Netflix. She may put a DVD in a one time or another, but I guarentee the Blu-Ray option will NEVER be used with it. The best thing about the Blu-Ray player is that it can stream netflix, and is used more like a Netflix box.

This is one of the many reasons I foresee Blu-Ray eventually fading away from existence.