Assassin's Creed: IGN US Removed "Framerate and Texture Pop-In" Comment From PS3 Review

The previews review of Assassin's Creed by IGN had the following statement.

"These big open worlds, which are fully interactive, do come at a severe cost on PS3. There is considerable texture pop-in and noticeable framerate issues. Playing back-to-back with the 360 version, it's obvious that Ubisoft did not devote enough resources to the PS3 edition. The framerate is considerably worse, so much so that it begins to affect gameplay in the later levels."

The full paragraph has been removed by IGN, though they are still keeping the final verdict and score unchanged.

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Hatchetforce4929d ago

Such remarks seemed odd from IGN considering Gamespot said the 360 had better lighting but the PS3 had better frame rate. It looks like the editors look ed at the two versions and acted. Had they felt they were right they likely would have stood by the review.

ATLRoAcH4929d ago

Usually you don't retract something like that unless you were wrong.Something fishy is going on here.

Danja4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

hmm I agree something doesn't seem too right about this...they're actually the only reviewers to point out that PS3 prob...

so why not change the score...M$ has something to do with this...

are they pulling a Gamespot on us..what they're gonna later say..they're HDTV's were causing framerate probs...

why the PS3 HATE man..??

gamesR4fun4929d ago

ya that was total bs both versions are pretty much the same and no major glitches reported in any of the other reviews Ive read...
Looks like their still in M$'s pocket 2 me.

Fan Tastic4929d ago

those RROD's are finally effecting MS's strategy. The 360 is such a black hole for cash for M$.

AtlREMF3114929d ago

That quote was there earlier today, now it has been removed, but the score is still the same.