Gamescom '11: PlayStation Vita vs Nintendo 3DS - who won?

Pocket Gamer: "After E3 a couple of months ago, Pocket Gamer came to the conclusion that the PS Vita has a slight edge over the 3DS. However, we were basing that more on the hardware than the games.

Now that plenty more Vita games were revealed and playable at Gamescom, we have a much better idea of whether or not the upcoming Sony handheld will knock the socks of the 3DS, or if the 3DS will re-enact the original DS vs PSP battle."

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dark-hollow3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Right now it's the vita for me.
I used to prefer the ds over the psp because the ds just had much better library of good games that aren't half assed ps2 ports, but things looked like it's going to change with the vita.

The 3ds library right now is pretty much weak!

KentBlake3095d ago

I have to agree with you...when your best game is a port of a title from three generations ago, something is clearly not right.

But I hope the 3DS can recover. I love my DS, and my daughter loves it even more. But for now, I'm sticking with Vita.

Venox20083095d ago

I think you have to clean your eyes first.. because you can't see difference between "port" and "remake" :) (if we are talking about Zelda OOT 3D).. port is like OOT on Wii's VC..that's a port.. :)

I can say anything about both libraries of games, but I think I would in 2012, when we'll know what's more comming for Vita and 3DS

Baka-akaB3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

you're arguing over semantics ... the point is the best games are still something older and already seen before (zelda , digita devil survivor , street fighter 4).

I dont share his worry on 3ds , as it will obviously change , but i can understand the point

Lyr1c3095d ago


If anything, OoT 3DS is a remastering, not a remake. A remake would require more than just updated graphics. To my knowledge, little to no content was added at all.

Port - No change. Just released on another platform.

Remastering - Little/No content change. Updated graphics, sound, and possibly controls.

Remake - Everything is reconstructed from the ground up. Similar but DIFFERENT content. An example of this would be "PunchOut!".....

Optical_Matrix3095d ago

OoT 3D is not a port. It's a re-make. Silly noob.

Anyways, Vita is still the better machine to me. Far superior software line up to. Although this holiday, there are some great 3DS games coming that I can't wait for, it's the to be expected stuff. Aka your Maio, Mario Kart, a few ports. And because the hardware is so boring and stuck in between two generations like the Wii was, I can't really say much good about it. I don't regret buying it, but I can't recommend it either.

Vita is the superior machine through and through and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

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Ult iMate3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

DS had huge prroblems with action-adventure games, racing games and fightings. Even the flight arcades headed by Ace Combat were better on PSP. I don't know, what better library are you talking about: DS had great JRPGs, Strategies, puzzle games and adventure games like Another Code or 9.9.9. But with lack of good games in other genres it can hardly be better. Even platform games were better on PSP: LocoRoco, LBP, Daxter, Secret Agent Clank, Prinny and some more.

ABizzel13095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )


You are not wrong in your choice. I have the 3DS, and I'm taking it back ASAP. The 3DS is a nice handheld, but it feels like just another DS (or DSi to be precise). I'll buy a 3DS again when a 3DS lite comes out with a better battery life, and when it receives another price drop, because right now it's still just not worth it IMO, and I got mines for $99 after trading in my original DS, that says a lot.

Samus HD3095d ago

It hasn't started yet..

But I'm only gonna buy Nintendo products from now on.
others get easily bored for me

rjdofu3095d ago

Oh yes, what should we expect from the one named Samus HD? LOL

Samus HD3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

it's just a name -4-
though even Wii got last in this articles but look at the success. Games are all about fun .
Graphics and other stuff are just + .

Burning_Finger3095d ago

It not even a competition. Vita is on the league of its own. PSP Vs 3DS is more like it.

Samus HD3095d ago

PSP couldn't compete against DS . think about it
(just see the world how it is - not how you want it to be)

user8586213095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Well I'm more hyped for Mario, Mario kart and Kid Icarus so 3DS for me :) and best of all..... ALL IN 3D!!!!... as for vita ermmm I'll just wait for the superior version of the games to be remade for the ps3 all in due time

zeeshan3095d ago

Waseem: Mario, Mario, Mario... That is my problem with nintendo. Ther are so stuck in the past.

MasterCornholio3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Also one of the reasons why i choose the Vita over the 3DS. I am tired of playing old franchises from the 80s (no offence intended) so i am always looking for fresh experiences. Adding a depth effect isnt my idea of a fresh experience its games like Sounds and Shapes, Alienspidey, Escape Trap, Little Deviants, Ruin, Malicious, Gravity Daze and Dragon Crown that bring new experiences to the table. Sure i will buy games such as Uncharted, Little Big Planet and WipeOut 2048. But most of those are fairly new franchises and wipeout is too good to pass up.

Dont misunderstand me Nintendo makes some really great games but i am always looking for new IPs to play and the Vita is the handheld that will give them to me (in exchange for some cash of course)

Both are fantastic handhelds but each cater to a different type of gamer.

Unknow_Master3095d ago

I rather play mario mario mario than play sandbox/linear, hd, gray/brown scale, 5min-gameplay-6h-video shoother.

KingSlayer3095d ago

Won what? Vita isn't even out and the 3DS is bouncing back. Looks like both are going to please a lot of portable gamers, myself included.

FlintGREY3095d ago

Bouncing back what?


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