Resistance 3 Gameplay Video From PAX Prime 2011

Skewed and Reviewed have posted Resistance 3 gameplay video from PAX Prime 2011.


Second Video Has been Added on the page.

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Chaostar3100d ago

Been waiting for Move footage and THIS is what I get? Better than nothing I suppose but wheres iWaggle 3d when you need it :)

Chaostar3099d ago

Thanks I must have missed that submission, helpful bubs.

Garethvk3100d ago

They were very strict on what and how we could film. Had to sneak this in.

Chnswdchldrn3100d ago

ugh...I can't imagine using the move or any sort of motion device to play a FPS. its not like its even adding a fun factor, its just over complicating things and making controls more frustrating.

GoldenPheasant3099d ago

I'm guessing u have not played the likes of K3 with a sharpshooter? Its like duckhunt x 1000.

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Ju3099d ago

Don't imagine, try it. Would probably change your opinion.

Cartesian3D3099d ago

omg this FONT again!! ..

on topic : I think resistance 3 has one of the most EPIC atmosphere in the gaming history .. I really love the new direction ( lighting , physics , dark theme ...etc )

its definitely not the most realistic but its really make you feel the apocalypse ... and the gameplay seems polished (unlike Res2) , btw I love health bar, miss that feature for a long time (best decision ever made by insomniac)

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