ScrewAttack's Top 10 PS3 Exclusive Titles

One year after the release of the PS3, the guys from ScrewAttack take a critical and honest look at what defines a console - its exclusive titles.

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Whoooop4732d ago

I'm a PS3 fan, but this video made me laugh!!!

ATLRoAcH4732d ago

...thought it was funny.Mainly the part where the guys like "I'm getting a game called Residence- Fall of man" and they were like yeah ya jackass.That was funny.Oh and #6 Superman I'm a PS3 guy.

C_SoL4732d ago

hey cool CheapyD posted this story, he must be new.....but ya, WARHAWK is a must have for every PS3 on...

TeaDouble_E4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

I don't think these guys are funny or interesting.

Danja4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

Residence Fall of man..LMAO

Virtual Fighter 5 'dude it's on the 360..haha

ne ways for the most part they were funny and kinda biased but hey I got a laugh..!!

next year it's a whole new ball game...!!

Fighter4732d ago

No Uncharted at all on the list. This must be an old list.

C_SoL4732d ago

Uncharted comes out on Nov. 19 while the PS3 came out on Nov. 17 of last by 2 days..

mesh14732d ago

warhawk/heavensword came out recently so it is recentish

PopEmUp4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

this is craking me out cause what the F(beep) is residence fall of man btw what the heck is superman 2 to do with PS3 games but man this guys is funny he should list top 10 x-box 360 exclusive games and starting with bioshock

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The story is too old to be commented.