Will gamers continue to support Capcom?

Capcom, Capcom, where do we even begin? This generation Capcom has been nothing but appalling to many gamers through out the world. Not only ripping them off with DLC but also releasing 7 versions of the same game in so little time. The million dollar question is, how far is a gamer willing to go and continue supporting Capcom?

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ali1003096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

This is true, why do gamers continue to support them knowing they're getting ripped off with each newer game edition?

knifefight3096d ago

Their recent quarter saw record profits or something.
Seems like they're doing pretty well, capitalizing on just HOW MUCH crap people will take. Seriously, groups of consumers don't really think as often as individuals give them credit for.

lizard812883096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

"Capcom today released its sale results for the first fiscal quarter in 2011 that ended June 30."

so i'm going to disagree with you there (no hard feeling ok :) ), This one is more recent. June 2011, compared to March 2011. If anybody has July, post it.

dark-hollow3096d ago

If you are really dying for capcom games then buy them used.
That's way you enjoy those games and still capcom don't get a cent from you.

kornbeaner3096d ago

But those used games have to come from somewhere, new games have to be bought in order for them to become used games. So the cycle has to continue either way. Just don't buy them period, eventually the price and/or production cycle will be reduced to the point where we are not seeing a "New" edition of said game every 10 months or so. It would be every 2-3 years.

dark-hollow3096d ago

But you're not like going to prevent everyone from buying those games!

TekoIie3096d ago


Very true but if i go into CEX (UK) and buy a game and then 4 weeks later sell it back to them and someone else buys it then thats 2 people that capcom have missed out from selling one game (the process will go on near forever).

Miiikeyyy3096d ago

They're a shadow of their former selves.

Aloren3096d ago

Really ? I'd say they're exactly like their former selves.

Aloren3096d ago

Guess you guys don't remember how many versions of megaman or street fighter were released in the early 90s. They've actually got better. Only 3 different SF4 is a big improvement.

rjdofu3096d ago

They also f*ck up 2 of their most popular franchises too: RE & DMC.

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Quagmire3096d ago

I'm glad to be the proud owner of exactly ZERO capcom games this past year. Last game I played was Lost Planet 2.

I'll probably end up buying Street Fighter X Tekken, only because of Tekken, and DmC, because of Ninja Theory.

itani3096d ago

I've actually only bought Resident Evil 5 from them but after the direction the Resi series is going, I think I will have to unfortunately abandon it. I have no choice since they don't want to take it back to how the first couple of games in the series were. It's unfortunate that I have to do this but then again it isn't my fault. Also the new games do not deserve the title 'Resident Evil'. They might as well make them new IP's.

ilikegam3s3096d ago

last game ive played was demos lolz

itani3096d ago

That's really good, the more we support them, the more they will screw us over. It's evident with what they've been releasing recently.

DlocDaBudSmoka3096d ago

lat crapcom game i bought was the first street fighter 4.

lizard812883096d ago

Just wait for the Super Version. Thats what I'm doing, IF i buy it at all. I still don't like how it is tag team, but you just need to KO one. Plus it looks like it plays like SF4, which i hated.

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Alos883096d ago

I won't. They've made nothing but horrible decisions of late, cancelling megaman, overpricing the Resi HD remakes and actively encouraging Ninja Theory to create Dante May Cry.

ShinnokDrako3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

I stopped buying Capcom games after the first rumors ("there will be a Super SFIV", "SSF Arcade", "Super here and there", "Ultimate whatever")about all of those upgrades TO PAY. If i bought an euro 50 game (Super Strret fighter IV for example), then i have to spend euro 15 or so to upgrade it. If i wait i pay those euro 50 for the game + upgrade. But there will be another update, so.... i'm waiting for the SFIV saga to be completely upgraded and on a single DVD/BD, in that moment i'll think about the purchase.
Same thing for the other games, like Marvel VS Capcom 3.... i knew they were going to release a new "addon"....

3096d ago
DlocDaBudSmoka3096d ago

by that time, crapcom will move on to super duper deluxe redux street fighter 5 mega ultimate collection. and the rehash cycle will start all over.

Pikajew3096d ago

The only Capcom games I have is Okmai and RE4 on Wii.

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