What Does Jennifer Hale Think of the Nickname "FemShep?" (and Other Things)

Kotaku: From Facebook beauty-contests for the character she plays to big New Yorker profiles to a hilarious case of mistaken Twitter identity, we've been talking a lot about Mass Effect 3's female lead Jennifer Hale lately. So when given the opportunity to chat with her one-on-one at PAX, I jumped at the chance.

We covered a wide range of topics, from how she assumes the steely demeanor of Commander Shepard to the differences between playing Shepard and playing more linear roles like Naomi Hunter from Metal Gear Solid 4. And of course, I ask her what she really thinks of the nickname "FemShep."

Whether you play FemShep or BroShep, there's no denying that Ms. Hale is one dang cool lady. And that she has totally awesome hair.

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StayStatic3098d ago

Sounds like a transexual sheep

ATi_Elite3098d ago

You mean TrannyShep? lol

red2tango3097d ago

Who is Jennifer Hale? Don't care...

MasterD9193097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

Wow she played Naomi in MGS? Niceee =)

Gotta give the woman credit. She obviously has a deep love and appreciation for games to be part of some of the biggest titles to date.

I haven't done a full play-though with a female shepard yet...but that's only because I modeled my Shepard after a pissed-off galactic pimp. I'll have to give it a shot with FemShep before ME3.