Demo Impressions: Bodycount (This Is My Joystick)

Everyone remembers Black. While Call of Duty was telling us war stories and TimeSplitters was mincing around with time, Black was a nugget of pure FPS joy. No complex plot, no gameplay gimmicks; just balls-to-the-wall shooter action. For the first time, guns really felt powerful, ripping through soldiers and scenery alike with thunderous command. Rocket launchers decimated walls, bullets tore concrete from metal girders and the body count piled up and up. Fitting then, that the latest game from the Black alumni, now settled at Codemasters, have the kill count firmly in the forefront. So much so, they named the game after it!

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whiskybarnes1233099d ago

This game looks good cant wait to rack up the...bodycount :)

SITH3099d ago

You must be kidding. Bodycount is garbage.

SeanRL3099d ago

Ya it freaking sucked, so much potential wasted.

Baka-akaB3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

To each their own , but no , just no , it's garbage that should only be allowed as a xbla/psn title .

The game even made me regret clive Barker's Jericho

Grimhammer003099d ago

I played the demo. I've had the game preordered for months. I went into the demo after reading people's impressions. Surely the majority can't be wrong?

But for me they are. I like the refreshing control scheme. I like the lock & lean cover system. It takes getting used to for sure, but it works really well once you "get" it.

Guns feel really powerful. No quick scoping or insta-swivel from turning sensitivity up to 70% might turn off the majority of CODites, but I see what the devs were trying for and they were successful.

Ultimately, gamers want every fps to control like cod because it is the most intuitive. But I'm kinda tired of my fps's feeling like cod.

As for the demo screen tearing, no framerate issues, intelligent AI (mostly), open level design, art design I like, mp should be fun and different, and....I know 360 users complained of button lag in the demo....on my ps3, I had no button lag.