Assassin's Creed AU IGN Review - 8.7

Do yourself a favour; play Assassin's Creed for yourself and make up your own mind. Chance are, if you go in with an open mind and lowered expectations, you're going to walk away very satisfied on most fronts. Regardless, it's an adventure that, for all the self-important dialogue and forced morality, is unquestionably worth your time - particularly for fans that can differentiate between action/platformers and stealth/RPGs.

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socomnick4930d ago

Yea its a definite rent for me. Anyone know if gamefly is good ive been wanting to try it.

BrianC62344930d ago

So everyone hyped this game up for over a year to be this big game and it isn't yet now we're supposed to forget all that and pretend it is just a decent platformer? This is why I ignore the hype from the gaming press now. They always do this. They write about how great a game is and all the great features. Then the game comes out and is nothing close. I won't be spending my money on this game. Too many great games coming out that I do want.

Milkman5414930d ago

The thing about gamefly that draws me away is the price...I can rent games way cheaper at local stores...but they have all the games u can want...

remix4930d ago

and i came on this site and im seeing alot of crazy news today.


there is no such thing as tripple AAA. you either like it or you dont.

and anyway, anybody with call of duty 4 - ps3 that wants to get there ass whooped. hit me up online.

psn - hotshot127 lets go RIGHT NOW

MySwordIsHeavenly4930d ago

Bring it on, HO!

PSN - JacobIsHollywood

actually, i can't...

I'm sorry.

I'm playing Assassin's Creed...haha.

Close_Second4930d ago

...a games quality/calibre. If a game has both overwelming (I repeat, overwelming) critical acclaim from professional and non-professional sources, and commercial success then it is deemed a AAA title. Games given AAA status are the must play games regardless of the format. COD4 is AAA just like R&C and Gears of War.

Whether you like a game or not has nothing to do with a game being categorised as AAA.

Charlie26884930d ago

When a reviewer tells you to lower you expectations for a game things are NOT going very well


Darkiewonder4930d ago

So in the end, I end up being alone and bored after it's over.

watchyourmind4930d ago

There was so much hype for AC that people were left with inflated expectations.

Lowering your expectations and just trying to enjoy it for what it is, is pretty good advice.

ps1h1ch4929d ago

Becouse of seeing every trailer and demonstration of this game I thought it is perfect 10, after I played arround 40% of the game I got the feeling I've seen all of it and got bored to play it for more than an hour. It could have been much better but it failed the hype.

remix4930d ago

lets go biiiiiiacccccth!!! lol.

get off of assasins creed for a minute and i will own you.

and by the way i think devil may cry sucks monkey balls.
i think its the worst game on the entire planet.

i bet even lair is better then it. lol. so your just gonna let me say that about devil may cry? lol

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The story is too old to be commented.