Sony PS4: 10 Features that are desperately needed

These are quite possibly the most anticipated features that have to be included when designing the next gen Sony home console- Playstation 4.

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Voxelman3098d ago

lol fail list especially the tech specs 24GB RAM and DirectX 12 lol lololololololol no.

And the boomerang looks uncomfortable and stupid there are good reasons it was scraped.

TheDareDevil3098d ago

24 gigs of RAM is way too much. Isn't DirectX made by MS? How will Sony get it in the PS4?

1080p at 60fps seems about right though

ilikegam3s3098d ago

They use OpenGL for ps3, but Microsoft won't be sad and won't let them use directx but then again its competition so its most likey that Sony wont use it (directx)

Tru_Blu3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Well Blu-Ray is sony so maybe a trade off? You can use Blu but we can use DX.. People seem to forget that outside of gaming MS and Sony work together on quite a bit of things. Vaio anyone?? It's not that far out that they come to an agreement like that.

And 24GB of ram lol

KingPin3098d ago

totally agree

24 gigs ram? what is this fool thinking?

if we got 24 gigs of ram, we would be charged like $800 for the console. then bitches like him <the author> will whine on why the PS4 is way too expensive. then he will write articles on price drops. how sony messed up. can sony recover, PS4 is doomed articles.

jaosobno3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

My list:

1. Expanded bluray drive with 100+ GB discs.
2. Decent amount of RAM this time (LOL, not 24 GB, more like 2-4 GB of XDR2 since it's much more expensive than regular DDR3).
3. AMD Southern Islands based GPU.
4. Ditch XMB, implement more visually appealing menu system.
5. Integrate PS Store into the menu.
6. Complete redesign of PS Store, meaning better content classification, etc.
7. No more installing of downloaded content. It should be automatically done in the background.
8. Cross-game chat.
9. More ergonomic DualShock controller. For example, I have large hands so it doesn't feel comfortable (too cramped). Also L2/R2 should get a complete overhaul, fingers can never get a good grip on them.
10. Overall better marketing of all thing Playstation. Sony relies too much on word of mouth principle. They should aggresively push PS4 and exclusives on the market.
11. Include wireless headset in the box.
12. (much) Better browser, possibly integrate Chrome.
13. Better PSN stability, no more random disconnects.

CrawFail3098d ago


Everything you say there are brilliant points, especially number 10.
Sonys idea of marketing is to let the Playstation brand sell itself, unfortunately.

They've done well with K.B adverts though, giving their product a personality.

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Ezio20483098d ago

apparently the features desired are needed but not the PS4 specially at this point of time when games like Killzone 3, Uncharted 3 are starting to show off the sheer power of PS3 console.

i am personally craving for PS4 but i believe there should be conssiderable time for its launch.

Fingers crossed.... >_>

qwertyz3098d ago ShowReplies(6)
ps4me3098d ago

Cross game chat,PS3 backward compatibility and an awesome list of AAA launch titles with a smart pricing might make Sony win the Next gen console war with release of PLAYSTATION 4.

shreeveera3098d ago

Having mkv support encourages film piracy,

It wouldn't be that logical if they did implement mkv support ,especially because Sony profit big time from blu-ray, digital video rentals & from their film studios

Malice-Flare3098d ago

gives one less reason for hackers to hack the console legitimately. in fact, i'm pulling for them to include a better media center interface since it will be DLNA certified anyway...

ElementX3098d ago

There are too many wishlists out there. Everybody has an opinion, however do we really need 30 articles about different features people want to see in the next gen consoles?

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