Wii U no longer exciting, Apple’s iPad prove it

Probably as the time for Nintendo’s next gen HD console (Wii U) arrives, it may no longer fuel any kind of excitement especially if this Apple’s latest innovation has to go by. And that is Airplay, touted as one of the most attractive selling features available in Apple’s range of iOS products.

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jacksonmichael3093d ago

I think I speak for gamers everywhere when I say... Oh, shut the hell up.

seinfan3093d ago

Did anyone actually go to the site to read the article? Me neither.

Ares843093d ago

I got an iPad 2 and let me tell you, it doesn't even come close.

It's a nice device but it's not made with gaming in mind. The games are boring on it and you don't have as much control as you would have with an actual controller and the graphics suck.

iPad should be used by doctors, nurses, the army, warehouse personnel and the like. It's suited better for them so Apple should advertise for them instead of us gamers because frankly, we just don't care that much.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33093d ago

I'm not here to defend either side of the equation, but not all iPad games are boring. Go check out what Gameloft is doing. I know the poll is split on what they are doing--which would be making clones of popular Pc and console games-- but I think it's cool that they have their own version of WoW and even Starcraft.

bruddahmanmatt3093d ago

Author of this article is an idiot, bruddahman proves it.

Theonetheonly3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )


$600 Paperwight... theres an app for that.

pangitkqb3092d ago

This feature is nothing new. The toshiba thrive has a full HDMI out that can easily and quickly connect to any modern TV. I've been playing my tablet games on the big screen in the living room for a while now...and guess what? It doesn't even compare to gaming on console or PC.

Its really just a fun feature, nothing ground breaking.

Sub4Dis3092d ago

you people have absolutely no vision.

Jdub895O3092d ago

so i got the xperia play....let me tell you its the shit! Of course only with mods and emulators lol. FUCK YOU DISAGREES!

DragonKnight3092d ago

LMAO! I went to bed and the title was "PS3, XBOX 360, Wii U, no longer exciting. Apple's iPad prove it"

Wake up, and now it's just Wii U. LMAO!

iPad's are garbage. Can't believe people would pay $600 or more for that paperweight.

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bozebo3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

what they said ^

Muffins12233093d ago

ACULLY ONLIVE IS ON IPAD 2 :D I am one of the beta testers and im playing borderlands and splinter cell conviction on the go at a McDonald's wifi :D

MrDead3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

You can do that on something immeasurably better and the same price, a laptop.

saladthieves3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

"Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U no longer exciting, Apple’s iPad prove it"

Maybe to you, but I ain't as hell going to suddenly dump my PS3 or Xbox 360 for some underpowered overpriced device (with no buttons) made by a greedy selfish company with a fruit for a logo, currently on a suing streak; just because lots of hipsters out there think that it's the best device ever created because their previous (secretly still is) Lord, Steve Jobs said so.

nilamo3093d ago

So what happens when you finish your burger and exit mcdonalds??

JsonHenry3093d ago Show
frostyhat1233093d ago

Funny how 360 and ps3 have been out for more than 5 years and I still get more excited over them then I ever will for the Ipad 2.

ATi_Elite3093d ago

hey that's pretty cool!

But for the price of an iPad 2 and Apple Tv why not just buy a laptop and play real games like Crysis, Minecraft, and Stracraft 2!!

thewhoopimen3093d ago

would you say the same if this was an Android tablet showcasing wireless play? Just wondering.

nnotdead3092d ago

yes, because i don't get the whole tablet craze. my smartphone is even more portable and can make calls. my laptop/desktop are hella more powerful and feature rich. i just don't get why i would need one. i can see Ares84 point in certain professions where tablets could be useful, but not for the regular consumer.

duplissi3092d ago


well i for one have had the acer iconia tab (returned horrible battery) and recently picked up the hp touchpad during the $100 firesale and in my experience a tablet makes for an awesome, convenient media consumption device.

ive been reading books on it browsing the web while on the "john" playing stupid games, and of course hacking it to bits to suit my needs (overclock, patches, etc)

are they necessary for most? no, but they do have their uses.

RyuCloudStrife3093d ago

someone changed the title for hits...

NiKK_4193093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

Wow, did you guys actually think the iPad was great for gaming? It's great for some games, but nobody thinks it will replace actual gaming. And just so you guys know, it doesn't make you cool to hate on apple. I personally love the hardware, and everything is so polished, and I can see how some people wouldn't like it, but most of the time it's because they think it's cool to hate apple. I think for phones, though, I like windows phone a little more. But in tablets, the iPad is far beyond the rest, at least right now. I know I will probably get as many disagrees as jasonmichael has agrees, but that's just how it is.

A phone or tablet =/= a PC or gaming system, so I dont know why people compare them, or act like they should be like each other. I don't want my PC in my phone, and I don't want phone in my PC.

Anyway, I can't wait to see what ps3 and the vita bring to the table in terms of features like this.

yabhero3092d ago

Wii U will outclass the PS3 and vita. firslty it will be cheaper and secondly every wii u will be tablet enabled.

nnotdead3092d ago

^ unless the WiiU is under $250 it won't be cheaper for me. plus i'll be able to leave the room and still use my touch device.

DragonKnight3092d ago

It isn't about it being "cool to hate on Apple." If you take a serious look at Apple products and compare them to what is available, you'd get the hate.

Apple products aren't about functionality or feature rich services, it's all about the gloss. It's about Crow Mentality. That's a term I coined a long time ago that means preferring flashy, shiny things over higher quality, or more practical substance. Apple products are essentially useless, but the little they do actually do have been polished to look good and make it seem like they do more than they do (sorry for all of those do's).

And then there's the pricing. For the little that Apple products offer, you can get all of that and more for 50% less as a standard with virtually any other product. Less if you shop around.

Essentially, Apple gets away with charging more for less, an iPhone does more than an iPad yet an iPad costs more. That's the kind of thing that gains Apple the hate they actually deserve. Not to mention, as a business, Apple is awful. Stealing patents and then suing smaller companies for "copying" Apple is just one of those examples. Hell, Microsoft came out with tablets in 2003, and yet for some reason everyone thinks Apple is the one that came up with the idea.

Apple deserves a lot of hate, it isn't about "being cool."

Sano643093d ago

I dont plan on getting a Wii U but the cost for an Ipad2 plus Apple tv to even try to emulate the Wii U is plain ridiculous! Story Fail!

yabhero3092d ago

My uncle is gonna pre order me Wii U 2 wks b4 so i can get it first day. I need HD super mario galaxy 3 and then i need to swtich to bf3

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golsilva3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

cool tech but from the video but there are several limitations to this tech

1. if it acts as a controller where are the buttons. i dont think people really want to play only angry birds on their tv
2. graphics dont look hd. it just looks like its the same graphics of the ipad 2 on a bigger screen
3. only works for apple tv. thus you would need the tv and ipad 2 to get this working and ipad 2 is like 500 bucks and plus 100 for apple tv.
4. ps3/360 and even wii to an extent already have netflix, hulu, sports offering and 360 has that att tv thing and ps3 has a dvr, to make them an all in one entertainment box
5. vita has already been confirmed to have functionality with ps3 so it can act like this at least for certain games
6. whats the range for airplay to work. do you have to be near the tv or can take outside or something because then that would be cool

Istanbull3093d ago

I have an Ipad 2 and gaming on it SUX

It is cool for other things but gaming no thanks, and iPad exciting? Cmon is this 2010?

The author is probably a poor little guy who could just buy an iPad now becoz he couldnt afford it.

fluffydelusions3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

I could buy a PS3 and 360 for the price of a single iPad and have money left over.

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psvitaisking3093d ago

lol i laughed so hard milk came out my nose....

vyke33093d ago

milk... I see what you did there....

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Marceles3093d ago

Absolutely retarded statement