RAGE Gets a Bit Psychedelic in the Latest Episode of AMC's Breaking Bad

From an inspired, albeit meth-induced cogitation on which game has the most threatening class of zombies (Call of Duty: World at War and Left 4 Dead both get honorable mentions here), to the prominently featured gunplay of RAGE in tonight's episode, "Problem Dog," Breaking Bad is proving to be a very real platform for game advertising. These game references though, typically occur as mere diversions to the severe emotional distress that punctuates Jesse Pinkman's inner struggles.

How he was able to get a copy of RAGE so early (and able to play it in an on-rails mode for that matter) are questions better left unasked.

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CrzyFooL3099d ago

I saw this tonight and was like lolwut. RAGE on rails with a light gun? lolz. Great episode tho.

LOGICWINS3099d ago

Great episode as usual..but last weeks episode was the best in the season so far IMO.

Btw..Hank's detective work is incredible! =D

-Alpha3099d ago

Nuh-uh, this week's episode was better.

The foreshadowing of Gus giving the DEA chief the cheque speaks volumes IMO

MasterD9193098d ago

I thought this week's episode was the best of the season....You can tell its leading up to a big blow-out and its going to be a hell of an ending this season.

Hank is on top of his game now that he's moved on from collecting rocks or minerals or whatever...

Entropic3098d ago

Shameless plug, but here's what our review of this episode:

The scene with Jesse at NA was incredibly powerful; so much emotion in that monologue.

-Alpha3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

"How he was able to get a copy of RAGE so early (and able to play it in an on-rails mode for that matter) are questions better left unasked"

Millionaire meth-head, I'm sure he was able to pull some strings.

It was some blatantly obvious product placement though

shadowwizard3099d ago

Breaking Bad is the best TV series still airing...

e-p-ayeaH3098d ago

Walking Dead isnt bad either.

shadowwizard3098d ago

Well it's AMC so you know it equals quality...

BattleTorn3092d ago

An interesting thing to note, It was also in this weeks episode (one week later, Sept.04)

in the background Jesse has it on the TV while Walt visits, and interestingly the motion-gun isn't to be seen; rather a Xbox360 controller is on the couch.