Games Don’t Desensitize Us To Violence - The SuperNanny Talks Out Her Fanny

RipTen: My love of pixel on pixel violence began with the 1993 Commodore Amiga hit Cannon Fodder. Pouring out grenades and bullets in a frenzy of 16-bit death I soon sought more and more ways in which to satiate my frenzied appetite for carnage.

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KingNintendoFanboy3101d ago

I'm not very violent, I just jump on every turtle I see.

BrianG3101d ago

Lol, good one.

I can virtually punch people in the face in The Fight, slice people to pieces in God of War, blow off heads in Left for Dead, etc....

But that doesn't make it easier for me to do those things in real life. It also doesn't make it easier for me to witness, or experience those things in real life.

xPhearR3dx3101d ago

I think you're secretly crazy...

hiredhelp3101d ago

yeh being from the uk myself. What shes saying is wrong she can be abit up herself she likes being on telly.
However when i read this by whome wrote this article stating this

I know, I know, I want to smash her in the face with a hammer as well. But I’m not going to because that would be awfully painful for her, psychologically damaging to her family and friends and I just cannot live with those consequences.

Makes me think your basicly acting a right ass hole.

jaredhart3101d ago

It's important to note the word "fanny" has different meaning in the UK than is does in the US and Canada.

US and CAN - Ass
UK - a woman's genitals

_Aarix_3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )


CrzyFooL3101d ago

I agree with both parts of this headline

Hitman07693101d ago

okay and tv doesnt desensitize me to EVERYTHING? Case Closed STFU ppl.

Pozzle3101d ago

Oh my god. Did she seriously just compare playing war games to BEING IN A REAL-LIFE WAR SITUATION?!

No amount of shooting nameless fictional characters could ever desensitize a person to the horrors of real-life violence and death. It's easy to watch fictional violence and gore like Hostel or the Saw series and claim you could handle seeing it irl, but until you are actually IN such a situation, you have no idea how you'd really respond. I'd guarantee the average person wouldn't look at a real person being shot or stabbed and respond with a "meh."

I don't even know what point she's trying to make with "young men become highly aggressive and lack empathy in normal situations".
Um...what is the context here? Were they aggressive because they lost the game? Were they aggressive because they wanted to win? Or were they aggressive towards other people in a violent/abusive way? She doesn't really say which one it is, but I can't help but think it was probably the former two. I know I become aggressive when I play games...BECAUSE I WANT TO WIN. But that doesn't mean I'm going to go out and bash/punch/shoot a real person in the face! It just means I'm a competitive person.

And if someone DOES become violent and abusive after playing a video game, then it isn't the game that's the problem - it's the person playing it. And maybe that person shouldn't be allowed to play video games if they can't handle them! Jeez, common sense people!


Tru_Blu3101d ago

Honestly I cringe watching those types of movies(Hostel/Saw). To real for me. Animated gore I have no problem with.

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The story is too old to be commented.