Rise of Nightmares - An Xbox 360 Exclusive Worth Talking About

MMGN writes: let's actually talk about this reinvigorating horror title for Kinect. The motion-sensor peripheral has been out for almost 10 months and despite its outrageously high sales (it seems to have single-handedly kept the Xbox 360 relevant amidst an obvious lack of exclusives) it essentially has no 'hardcore' titles to appease the Halo-playing, pizza-eating, troll-raging Xbox 360 fanboys (like myself trollface.jpg).

Enter 'Rise of Nightmares', a compelling new horror title that looks about as sweet and innocent as a rugby-playing Marcus Fenix. Do you know much about this new motion-driven gruesome tale? No? Erm, well, read on then, because this is one Xbox 360 exclusive you need to get excited about!

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Bigpappy3101d ago

"Condemned did a fantastic job of really pulling you into the dark and eerie world, but Rise of Nightmares will take it to another level completely."

WoW! Better than condemned?

We shall soon see.

SuperBeast8113101d ago

It looks good buuuuuuuut not $150 plus the price of the game good

TyrionL3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

Well I HAVE Kinect already, so it will just be the price of the game for me... OH, and more than 10 million others. That’s like me saying. UC3 looks good but $250 plus the price of game? See how absolutely STUPID that sounds.

Dread3100d ago

he just wanted to hate.. but failed miserably

DigitalRaptor3100d ago

Doesn't sounds stupid at all. It's the same as saying: "Uncharted 3 looks good, but I'm not willing to buy a PS3 for it."

What he is saying is more relevant. Kinect is a $150 peripheral not a console.

TyrionL3100d ago

LOL DigitalRaptor, you weren't even part of the conversation yet you felt the need to jump in and protect him just because I had a valid point, and “TO YOU”, it looked like I might have been saying something against your beloved PS3.
It's the SAME EXACT THING. No matter how you try to flip, spin, or twist it, it’s the same thing. You are just a fanboy and can't stand it when the tables are turned against your precious PS3. I'm just glad I'm a gamer and have all consoles, that way I don't have to make myself look as immature and ignorant as some people on this site.