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Serjikal_Strike3095d ago

Whats install size?

boy its gotta be big...

DarkBlade46583095d ago

It doesn't necessarily have to be that large because it will most likely have smaller resolution textures and maybe lesser sound quality. Also, are there any cutscenes in Skyrim? If not, that could save a ton of space.

If it fits on 1 dual layered DVD it would probably mean it's less than 10 GB.

Serjikal_Strike3095d ago

So youre saying (between console versions) the blu ray version could have better graphics and sound?

Still hard to believe a game this size will fit on one DVD

kingdoms3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Going to have to disagree. Smaller resolution textures and lesser sound quality compared to what? The game looks unbelievable. You sound as if they had a better game up and running then downgraded it for the 360. Perhaps the game was designed from the ground up to be more efficient from the start. Just saying the game demos shown look phenomenal for this genre or period for that matter.

Older build

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33095d ago

Seems like Bethesda will be making some devs look silly. I'm still wondering how, with so much content, Gears 3 will be on one disc. The talented devs know how to squeeze every drop of goodness out the tools they have to use. What I find cringe worthy and wasteful is Blu-ray discs with only 5-7 gigs of info out of 25? It's crazy...

DualConsoleOwner3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

hopefully they dont downgrade PS3 version to match the graphical quality.

and LoL @Wraith

Gears is MP game. same thing over and over.and SP isnt too long. And bluray is 50 gig with double layer.

Every dev complains about disc size. has nothing to do with who is better dev. you just gotta make sacrifices to fit everything into one disc.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33095d ago

Oh, my comment wasn't to downplay Blu-ray, it was towards devs not putting enough content on them. I'll leave the mudslinging to you folks with one bubble, lol.

RedDead3095d ago

Oblivion was less than 6 gigs people. 9 will be enough, they aren't putting in more content than OB. Just BETTER content. The graphical upgrades are the only upgrade that requires a larger amount of space.

Biggest3095d ago

Basically, the game will be a slightly better looking Oblivion, full of the same bugs and glitches that plagued every other game these guys created. If you loved Oblivion and Fallout despite all their problems, you'll love Skyrim. They won't be making any devs look silly.

_Aarix_3095d ago


You do know gears of war 3 is the longest single player game epic has EVER made period. Their not "downgrading" anything. The DVD isnt that limited. They only need 2-4 if its cutscene heavy. Texture are not that big on disc space.

Arnon3095d ago

Oblivion's and Fallout 3's glitches were minimal. Fallout: New Vegas wasn't even developed by Bethesda.

FGHFGHFGH3094d ago

Not disagreeing with you but the unreal series was basically multi-player only except unreal2 i think. So what OTHER single player games are you talking about?

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BitbyDeath3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Wow, did not expect that. Oblivion GOTY was on 2 discs for the 360...

Does not bode well

Edit: Who disagreed?

Proof -

Jacks_Medulla3095d ago

You are forgetting two things. First, Skyrim uses a new engine. Second, Oblivion was released five years ago, and developers(including Bethesda)are now more capable of optimizing their games for each of the systems.

TyrionL3095d ago

And besides what Jack said it is cheaper for them to add another DVD to the GOTY edition than to pay a buck of people to redo the original to fit all the DLC on that disk. Just pop in another DVD and sell it for full price again.

joab7773095d ago

Wow! I am very surprised but he nailed it. Its all in game but from what I have seen its huge and gorgeous. My hat goes off.

videoxgamexfanboy3095d ago

Doesnt really matter since its optional

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jdktech20103095d ago

not gonna lie...a bit surprised but since they've basically only shown the 360 version in demos and such, I'm not too worried. The game looked great in all the demos.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33095d ago

...for people that don't know what they're talking about...

beans3095d ago

This is surprising given the size and scope of the game.

IHateYouFanboys3095d ago

its not surprising for anyone that actually has any idea about game development.

Rage is HUGE on disc because of megatextures - thats the ONLY reason. id, for better or worse, literally draw the entire map - every single square cm of it is unique. every other game uses repeated assets/textures.

now neither method is "wrong", just different to each other. i mean, do you notice or care if the ground texture isnt unique in every cm of a level? i dont. i dont care if a brick house has the same brick textures as another brick house - theyre just bricks, they tend to look the same. in rage, no 2 bricks/trees/rocks/paths look the same because theyre all unique, and as such the megatexture takes up gigs and gigs of space. the same play area using conventional techniques would be a few hundred megs at most.

thats why Skyrim can have a MUCH bigger playable area, with great graphics, yet only be a fraction of the on-disc size.

size on disc != quality of graphics or size of game.

and the install size wont be more than 8gb, because it literally cant be.

Jocosta3095d ago

Yeah, don't know where the guy above you was getting 10 gigs from.

jetlian3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

new 360 disks hold 10 GB thats probably what he ment

What I find funny is people worry about stuff they don't even know about. For all we know this was suppose to be 600 hours instead of 300.

Dark_king3095d ago

actually 10gigs even 12 or 13 gigs is possible.Many things decompress to install.An it appears the game will be have to be heavily compressed.Which to be honest sucks because no compression would mean they could push it further then they have.

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The story is too old to be commented.