IGN Reviews Kane and Lynch 7.0

IGN writes: "Kane & Lynch is a game that many people will play through and enjoy simply because of the forceful story and characters. Others will find the gameplay isn't up to speed with the rest of the gaming world and wonder why anyone would bother. Frustration should never enter into a game because of the mechanics, but with Kane & Lynch it does. Loose gameplay, a brief campaign, and a single (albeit good) online mode with four maps hurt this title that could have been so much more."

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BloodySinner4934d ago

Wow! What's happening? All these new titles with incredibly low scores.

TheHater4934d ago

It seem that people want to play old sequels over and over. I for one have more New IP's on my must buy list than sequel to games I play before.

socomnick4934d ago

maybe its what the game deserves :/
I for one dont think ratchet deserved a 10.
Im glad Assasins Creed did not get 10s because its getting out of hand it seems like every game is getting underserved 10's.

DrPirate4933d ago

Socomnick, I dont recall Ratchet getting 10's, but I agree, too many games getting 10.

This game had potential, from what my inside sources who played the game told me, the story is really half-assed and the shooting segements are fun, but ultimately very generic. 7 is an average score so it's very fitting.

Whoooop4933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

The only way your comment can be valid (not fanboy oriented) is if you agree that HALO 3 is another game with undeserved 10's...

if not?? then fanboy awaaayyyyy..

ruibing4933d ago

Strange, I don't get why AC and especially R&C suddenly got popped up.

Well this game does seem interesting but it probably doesn't deserve more than 8.0. These days it is just hard to want to play FPS games as I've been spending my free time on GH and, hopefully soon, Rock Band. I think this was a pretty fair review and I hope some review site post a video review up soon so I can get a better look into the game.

socomnick4933d ago

Yea halo 3 shouldn't of gotten all those 10 a just score for halo 3 would be 9.6. A major disappointment in halo 3 was no custom game browser but Im not so annoyed by it anymore.

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lodossrage4934d ago

Uncharted is the only game getting a great score from them (9.1)

Blacksite, assassin's creed, need for speed prostreet, and now kane and lynch are all getting mediocre scores.

What happened at the IGN offices? Someone got a pay cut or something? lol

ruibing4933d ago

I don't think IGN reviews all their games right before they release the review. I believe they do it ahead of time and simply wait until the publishers gives them the go-ahead to release their reviews publicly.

Assassin's Creed was lower than I suspected and weird given that they felt the PS3 graphics wasn't on par with the 360, while Gamespot felt it was the opposite. But as for the rest of the game reviews that came out today, I don't think anyone to really expect that much out of Blacksite and NFS Prostreet (they took out some of the best things about Carbon and Most Wanted, and it looks worse than GT 5, Forza 2, and PRG4).

Apocwhen4933d ago

"Blacksite, assassin's creed, need for speed prostreet, and now kane and lynch are all getting mediocre scores."

Maybe all these games are mediocre. All games can't be great. Personally for me, if a game gets above 7 it's worth playing.


Not surprized. The gameplay trailers look awful.

Hydrollex4934d ago

The Devs promised to bring a good game but BIG FLOP like Lair

the worst4933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

like two worlds

socomnick4933d ago

the worst I own two worlds and man Im embarrassed I even bought it. Trading it in is gonna be embarrassing.

Premonition4933d ago

IGN has been smoking this week, we shall see what uncharted gets next week, if they give it a 7.0-7.8 someones gonna get slapped up side their cyber head.

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