Ninja Gaiden 3 Coming Soon On PlayStation Vita – Team Ninja

Everyone became very much excited to hear Yosuke Hayashi, the Team Ninja head, say that – “We’ve received a PlayStation Vita system and are thinking about it”, on the venue of Gamescom 2011. Team Ninja had already planned their release of Ninja Gaiden 3 for PS3 by 2012 and now since they have got PS Vita systems under their armor, they are strongly considering the fact of bring it to the Vita system users.

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Godchild10203103d ago

Let me be able to move my game saves from my PS3 to my Vita and this will be a day one for me. Bundle it with a Vita and PS3 copy for $70-80 dollars. You can also have the the normal one for $60 dollars.

SamPao3102d ago

I agree, Im happy to spend some +money just for the vita version

NewMonday3102d ago

apparently Cross play games on the PS3 and PSV will be bundled for one price, at least for Ruin.

NukaCola3103d ago

Cool. I hope they use the Vita's specs well. ninja Gaiden on the DS used the sylist for everything...(I had the sweet dragonblade stylist for preordering) and minus the fact they removed the gore, it was by far one of the most badass games on the system.

Vita is really blowing me away. I am more excited for this little monster than any console before. It's getting me even more pumped to see what PS4 has in store. Sony has nailed the Vita down and seems to be the perfect system. Everything about it screams win. Can't wait.

MasterCornholio3102d ago

Another day another game for the Vita

I guess its really a Next Generation Portable

LightofDarkness3102d ago

If they bring Sigma to it, then we'll talk. But 3 looks awful.

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The story is too old to be commented.