Exclusive DLC does more harm than good. Discuss.

It seems like every game being released these days is having bits of content surgically removed and given to retailers or platform holders as exclusives.
Everywhere you turn there's an extra feature, skin, character or map being held ransom. The only way you can get your hands on it is to buy the game on a specific platform or at a specific retailer.

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Serjikal_Strike3105d ago

Timed exclusive DLC is dumb...

ATi_Elite3105d ago

So true!!

hell i have no excitement for Skyrim anymore seeing how i have to wait for the DLC i might as well wait for the GOTY edition and get the game and all the DLC for 1 cheap price!

Timed exclusive DLC is just a way to irritate gamers. It's not gonna make me go out and buy a 360! it's just gonna make go out and buy a different game.

Yi-Long3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

... for pretty much all games that have DLC. Not just 'exclusive' DLC.

DLC has made me spend LESS money on games. Not more.

Just yesterday I was enjoying my Forza 3 Ultimate Edition which I bought NEW for about 7 pounds.

Imagine if I had bought Forza 3 when it came out and I would have bought all that DLC...(!) It's crazy!

I'm just patient and wait. I did it with Fable 2. I did it with Fallout 3, I did it with Assassin's Creed 2 GOTY, I did it with Oblivion, etc etc.

Games I'm interested in and that have DLC, I just wait. And hopefully by the time the GOTY/COMPLETE/Ultimate edition comes out for a fraction of the price, I'll still be interested in the game. Which isn't always the case btw.

Now, if developers would just announce that the DLC would be FREE, I'd buy their games Full Price on day 1. That way they'd make 50 euro from me on day 1, instead of MAYBE 20 euro from me 12-18 months later.

Still waiting on a Modnation Racers GOTY btw.

Cpt_kitten3105d ago

oh cry about its not like the 300+ hours won't keep you busy enough and i bet if this was the other way around you would be praising the timed dlc so shut up hypocrite and enjoy the game instead of crying over meaningless things like this

whydoyouask3105d ago

So your not going to buy a 300+ hour game because your a little baby and can't get dlc? Grow up, dude.

ATi_Elite3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

@ Cpt_kitten @ whydoyouask

1. I never said i wasn't going to buy it. I just don't feel the need to get it Day one.
2. I got other shite to play besides Skyrim
3. If Guild Wars 2 comes out in December....Phuck Skyrim and any other RPG (until Tera comes out)
4. Still playing Oblivion Mods
5. Plus several new MMo's releasing around Skyrim's release

I'm sure Skyrim will be great but hey i can wait till the Game and all the DLC is in one nice cheap Pak sometime in the summer of 2012 when no games are released anyway!!

You guys are bigger Skyrim fans than me and you guys feel the need to get it ASAP but not me!!

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dark-hollow3105d ago

Multiplats games that has "exclusive" content for one console is just stupid and does nothing but anger fans.

Multiplats should stay multiplat at all or the whole game should go exclusive to one platform.

lelo2play3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Yes it's dumb... but people that are undecided between the X360 and PS3 version, will probably go with the X360 version now.

Since Microsoft does not permit to be released on the X360 games or DLC that came out previously on other platforms, it was the only way for Bethesda to make more money... They had 2 options: or they release it at the same time on all platforms or release it time exclusive to X360 (and receive some money from Microsoft). They couldn't release it time exclusive on other platforms, because otherwise Microsoft would not permit it to be released on the X360 afterwards.

It's kind of stupid by Microsoft for not receiving games or DLC that came out on other platforms... that's why the X360 does not receive exclusive games that have already been released on other platforms.

DlocDaBudSmoka3105d ago

i've never let DLC be the deiciding factor in which system i purchase a game on. truthfully, im not a big fan of dlc unless its free. i dont need a golden gun, or different set of clothes. only thing that i hate is for fighters, where they release additional fighters. its like damn, i wanna try the new... but i aint tryin to pay for it.

jetlian3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

you don't know what your talking about. MS does allow games that hit ps3 to come on 360. THEY just won't publish it.

Same with sony both require you add something if its more than 6 months difference in time! Why you think bioshock had extra, ninja gaiden, virtua fighter 5, etc

edit; the whole purpose is to get people with both systems to get 360 over ps3. It's not there to get people to buy 360 just for 1 game

lelo2play3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )


What game (or DLC) came out first on the PC/PS3, and after a wile was released on the X360?

There might be a game (or DLC), but i sure can't remember any. Even 3rd party PSN exclusives aren't released later on the X360.

jetlian3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

hit ps3 9 months before 360 most time 360 gets timed exclusive.

fermcr3104d ago

Virtua fighter 5 X360 is practically a new game from the PS3 version.

jetlian3104d ago

99 percent the same. Now VF5R AND VF5FS are like new games compared to VF5

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Tanir3104d ago

yeah timed dlc means only one console will get most of the sales and true potential sales will be wasted on the other because well, we probably already beat the game and don't care anymore lol.

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Quagmire3105d ago

Like I said before, just wait for the GOTY edition.

Godchild10203105d ago

That is what I doing with Fallout New Vegas. I don't know if I can do that with Skyrim though.

marioPSUC3105d ago

Dont know why the guy who wrote uin the article about the Assassins creed revelations beta for ps3 only is a problem, PC and 360 got some exclusive betas to Multi-platorm games.

Timed exclusive DLC though, though everyone still gets the DLC, its really dumb, especially in skyrims case since its single player. PS3 and PC players are gonna have to be careful about what they read on the internet so as to not have that DLC spoiled for them.

And as for the stupid Store-specific DLC, all I've seen as of late is skins, early access to a gun, that just needs to stop, it may not be much but it can only get worse as this keeps going. LA Noire had the exclusive cases at different stores.

3GenGames3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

All DLC sucks for gamers. Unless you want to dump 25% more money for 10% more gameplay, it all sucks and is terrible.

NuclearDuke3105d ago

Microtransactions and DLC is the future though.

3GenGames3104d ago

Agreed, although it'll be from ads, not people's accounts. :)

Raven_Nomad3105d ago

It doesn't bother me in the least. I usually don't buy DLC for games, unless it's like COD or something. So I guess it's nice getting maps a month earlier.

Not getting them earlier or extra content wouldn't stop me from buying or playing a game though.

cyborg69713105d ago

Blade is right. Every November call of duty comes out with s new map pack and playlist.

IM_A_NINJA3104d ago

You realize COD is made by two different companies and the Treyarch games play completely different then the IW ones right?

I mean would it make people feel better if they called the Treyarch game "Super Happy Funtime Shooter"?

COD is on a two year development cycle, just like Killzone, Uncharted, Mass Effect ect....

So stop dramatizing about things you obviously know nothing about.

As for DLC, I don't buy it much personally, but you cant relish getting it on your preferred console and then get pissed when it goes the other way.

That my friends is hypocrisy.

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