Sony pledges better game analytics for devs

Develop - 'We want to provide many more services to studios,' Yoshida says

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Chaostar3100d ago

With games becoming more social experiences, I can see a need for devs to have this kind of analytical data available. Well done to Sony for listening to the needs of the developer. If this attitude carries into next generation I can see us, as gamers, reaping the benefits with better, more focused indie games.

latinalover3100d ago

and more exclusive games coming to PS3 & PS4

Lazy_Sunday3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

The fact that you have zero disagrees is pretty reassuring. No fanboyish behavior trolling your comment. I mean, who could deny that more games--no matter what platform they stand on--is a bad thing?

MasterCornholio3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )


People tend to disagree with that when they envy others because of the exclusive games on their consoles. This would explain in part the fanboys war with exclusives. But anyways i agree that more games is always better as long as they are good quality.

Spenok3100d ago

Most definitly. It really seems like Sony is doing their best to avoid all the miss steps from their past. Lets hope things only get better. :D

jackoffjim3100d ago

Hopefully when newer technology coming we can see advances in Sony technologies being implemented into PS4 making it more enjoyable, user friendly, and more environmentally friendly.

SuperBeast8113100d ago

The truth is they have to do what they can to win back the devs they have lost alot of support this gen now they need to get it back dont believe me?PS1 over 100 mill, PS2 over 120 mill , PS3 55 mill...still sucsecfull by all acounts more than both of the competitions last gen hell more than the original NES but compared to their own past lacking

Sevir043100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

It took sony 9 years for the PS1 to achieve 100 million, and 7-8 years for the PS2 to crack 100 million!They have lost plenty of support because in 4 years they have sold only 55 million consoles /S The ps3 launched @ $600 bucks and in 4 years its managed to sell faster than the 360 and catch them at the same numbers being released a year behind their main HD rival! and some how they've lost developer support? no, the price of development has simply gone up so platform exclusives just dont come as easy, they have more support now than they ever did, Indie developers thrive on the PS3 and company's who refused to support them last gen are on the system making games do to more flexible development tools offered by Sony! They are selling PS3's at a faster rate than the PS2 and they are on track to reach 100 million by year 7 if all things go continue, and thats without considering they dont drop the price anymore, Its now at a mass market price.

SuperBeast8113100d ago

True your right they havny had as much time to reach 100 mill yet BUT!!!! the 360 is stronger than the xbox and gamecube in terms of competition so with that do you think they will still reach 100 mill?I just dont see it.and im not saying I dont want them too I have all the systems and the PS3 is by far my fav I just realize the mistakes they have made this gen

f7897903100d ago

I'm with SuperBeast. The 360 and the ps3 made this generation unique in that they both have sold about the same instead of one "dying". Had one failed, the other would have easily sold 100 million by now.

Sevir043099d ago

Gaming is an expensive hobby, and selling 100 million in 4 years is lofty, Sony's business model is to keep a product on market for as long as it has relevance and profitability! Which is why the ps2 is still being produced in year 11 of its life. Sony's consoles on average sell 10 million a fiscal year! And that's on average, there ps3 has been selling at 12-13 million a fiscal year since 2008 its the reason why they managed to sit at 55 million in 4.5 years of being on the market. They are more on track to hit 100 million sold before year 9. Even if they sold 10 million a year, they'd still reach 100 million by year ten because of the way they view ps3 as a value to customers, it still has relevance, and profitability to be earned.

jackoffjim3100d ago

Some studios struggle and feel for them to flourish, they need to go multiplatform. It's understandable. PS1 and PS2 days where different. They had different ideas, different tech and different vision.