Sony Makes Its Pitch for a 3-D Gaming Future

WSJ - Sony is placing 3-D high on its gaming agenda. According to Mick Hocking, a vice president at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe who evangelizes and teaches 3-D to its first-party game developers, being the best at 3-D gaming has been the company’s “aim from the very start.”

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evrfighter3095d ago

? ew

should be focused on higher res and higher fps.

newn4gguy3095d ago

I don't see why we should focus on just two things when we can have all three!

You're thinking like a business man. Start thinking like a human being!

Make.Believe isn't just a catch phrase. ;)

KMCROC3095d ago

Hey Sony how about you piss off w/ this 3D crap.

newn4gguy3095d ago

It's an option. You don't HAVE to use 3D. I, for one, enjoy it quite a bit. :)

The thing is...they're giving us 3D, more games than the competitors, more options than the competitors, and a new handheld next year. You ACTUAL handheld?!?

KMCROC3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

I will Accept 3d when everything Death2smoochie said has happened, till then i chose to not part take in the offerings .

JoGam3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

You're just mad cause you don't have a 3D TV. Sony doesn't make or force you to do ANYTHING in 3D, so no reason to be mad at it unless you're just jealous of everyone else who has a 3d tv. Its ok dude, you'll get one soon.

EDIT: @ KMCROC...You choose not to take part of 3D is one thing but don't knock it and say things like "Sony stop with this 3D crap" is another. If you want 3D to get better then you have to support the cause and not say crap comments. Sony must continue to better 3D to get what you want.

KMCROC3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Did not know that telling someone to piss off, meant i am unable to afford something. for minute there i thought i was voicing my Opinion, guess not favoring something must mean people are poor or broke or just cheap in your views. got one still a POS buy , cause all have been able to do is watch 3d BD cause trying to watch TV in 3d is no fun when the network ,cable companies have no true purpose for me to use it with, please don't give the stupid reply about how you can switch back to conventional 2d w/ the touch of a button crap.

DlocDaBudSmoka3094d ago

@KmCROc- i used to think the same way. i felt like i spent money on nothing when i got my 3dtv. but lately since mine in 'net enabled, i downloaded the 3d app and its full of 3D content. movies, shows, documentaries, music. now i dont feel like i wasted money.

TheFirstClassic3093d ago

No need to be so uptight. Some people enjoy it.

death2smoochie3095d ago

3D gaming will take off for consoles next generation when the consoles can run full HD 3D gaming without compromises and 30+ frame rates and the cost of 3D tv and its accessories become more affordable.

BrianG3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

But overall there is no such thing as "without compromises". If a game can run 120 fps in 2D mode, it will run 60 fps in 3D mode.

If the experience was exactly the same in both 2D and 3D mode, that would mean the developers aren't doing as much as they could on the 2D mode.

It is sort of like HD, if God of War 3 was only 640 X 480 I'm sure it could run in excess of 60 fps. But with HD there are compromises.

And thankfully the 3D tv options and accessories are getting cheaper. My 3D glasses cost me 69 bucks, instead of 150 just a few months prior.

Ju3094d ago

Yeah, that's why next Gen machines will need headroom to be able to support a smooth 3d experience. Because if all you can optimize to run everything with 120fps instead of 60 we've already won.

a08andan3095d ago

Well I am glad someone is. Without companies pushing technology, we wouldn't have what we have today.

Agent_hitman3094d ago

3D is the future of entertainment, perhaps we can't accept it today, but in the near future when the 3D devices are more cheaper, more people will appreciate it because of the experience it can bring not only for gamers but also for the tech enthusiast.

I'm IN sony at your vision, I'm IN

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