PAX 2011: Mass Effect 3 Wrap Up

EA and BioWare have given gamers a lot of content about the upcoming title Mass Effect 3 and at PAX Prime 2011 they didn’t stop that trend. With new screenshots, Q&A sessions, announcements and demos, Mass Effect 3 had a very strong showing at PAX. We have decided to compile all of the best of that from the three days and put it in one neat article for your viewing pleasure. Check out all the awesome details below.

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nirwanda3105d ago

My mass effect 2 save was on a memory stick and has become corrupt i am absolutely devestated that 60 hours of gameplay has just gone, i completed every mission, gutted.

MasterD9193105d ago

I beat the game before as well and did another play-through just for fun with the DLC this time...I'd recommend doing that before ME3 comes out. You'll need a ME2 save for ME3 anyways.

pungello883105d ago

Dude that's too bad but it's a golden opportunity to play the game again. I've beaten it like 4 times now.