FireFall PAX 2011 Trailer

A new trailer revealed at PAX Prime 2011.

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ElVeneno2880d ago

Awesome! I'm pumped for the beta, ready to test out my new PC!!!

ATi_Elite2880d ago

FireFall = what Borderlands MP wishes it was. LOl

Yeh i'm very excited for FireFall and the Beta.
this game is gonna be awesome with a nice balance of PvE and PvP game play.

But best of's FREE!!!

Illian_Amerond2880d ago

After the great show at PAX I was blown away. This game is free, a polished AAA titiel and has 100% community invlolvement in the whole process... truely a next gen game and next gen game company. Closed Beta starts this Tuesday with invitations out to randomly selected forum members, partner sites will be giveing them away and much more... check out the main website at and get in the action!

Uz3r0132880d ago

I never get tired of this trailer, And the more footage i watch the better this game looks to be shapeing up. I am VERY much looking forward to the PvE and playing as Assault. What about you guys?

Alx2232880d ago

The voice acting was actually really great I hope all of the other voice acting work is of this quality. This trailer was really awesome, it seems to me Red5 is just a factory of awesome sauce.

Psychonaughty2880d ago

I can't believe I clicked on a site that calls itself "whatthechrist" yuck I feel dirty, also the game looks poor.