Brothers In Arms franchise will return to Sgt. Baker

Though the slightly more light-hearded Brothers In Arms: Furious Four may be the next step in the franchise, Gearbox says it isn't done with franchise star Sgt. Matt Baker. Company boss Randy Pitchford confirmed at PAX Prime 2011 that another game is in the works involving Baker, the lead in previous Brothers In Arms games Road to Hill 30, Earned in Blood and Hell's Highway.

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coolbeans3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

That's good to hear since I personally found this Inglorious Bastards rip-off to be a kick in the face to long-time fans of the series. I know I should withhold my judgment until I played the game, but I just can't help but state what I feel to be the case for this series. This is coming from someone who believe Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 is the best WWII fps ever made. Safe to say I like the formula the way it is in Hill 30-Hell's Highway :P.

Jury3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

cool. I really want a new WWII game with trophies. I really enjoyed the first 2, 3rd was ok.

sonicsidewinder3104d ago

Good. this furious 4 is gonna bomb anyway.

k4rma3104d ago

Glad they are going back to the roots of the franchise. F4 looks like a collection of bad Ubisoft ideas thrown into a pot.

Same with Colonial Marines. Sounded good back when gearbox first talked about it, but from what I seen recently it looks like another dumbed down for the masses AvP or COD in space rip off. Authentic yes, but interesting to a hardcore gamer, a most definite NO. Not at all what I expected from gearbox. Since they always catered more to the hardcore gamer fan base than the casual gamer.

Anyway back to BIA. The first BIA was a really promising start. They need to get back to the hardcore gaming roots again and not water it down like they did with Hells Highway.